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Caucasus Mountains information

Caucasus Mountains
Aerial view of the Caucasus Mountains
Highest point
PeakMount Elbrus
Elevation5,642 m (18,510 ft)
Coordinates43°21′18″N 42°26′31″E / 43.35500°N 42.44194°E / 43.35500; 42.44194
Length1,200 km (750 mi)
Width160 km (99 mi)
Caucasus topographic map-en.svg
Topographic map
CountriesArmenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia and Turkey
Range coordinates42°30′N 45°00′E / 42.5°N 45°E / 42.5; 45Coordinates: 42°30′N 45°00′E / 42.5°N 45°E / 42.5; 45
Caucasus Mountains
Satellite image of the Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains[a] are a mountain range at the intersection of Asia and Europe. Stretching between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, they are surrounded by the Caucasus region and are home to Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe at 5,642 metres (18,510 ft) above sea level.

The Caucasus Mountains include the Greater Caucasus in the north and Lesser Caucasus in the south. The Greater Caucasus runs west-northwest to east-southeast, from the Caucasian Natural Reserve in the vicinity of Sochi, Russia on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea to Baku, Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. The Lesser Caucasus runs parallel to the Greater about 100 km (62 mi) south.[1] The Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges are connected by the Likhi Range, and to the west and east of the Likhi Range lie the Colchis Plain and the Kur-Araz Lowland. The Meskheti Range is a part of the Lesser Caucasus system. In the southeast, the Aras River separates the Lesser Caucasus from the Talysh Mountains which straddles the border of southeastern Azerbaijan and Iran. The Lesser Caucasus and the Armenian Highland constitute the Transcaucasian Highland, which at their western end converges with the highland plateau of Eastern Anatolia in the far north east of Turkey. Mountains near Sochi hosted part of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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