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Sultanate of Ifat
سلطنة عفت
The Ifat Sultanate in the 14th century.
The Ifat Sultanate in the 14th century.
  • Wafāt (1275–1387)
  • Zeila (1387–1403)
Official languagesArabic
Common languages
  • Argobba[1]
  • Harari/Harla
  • Sunni Islam (state)
  • School: Shafi'i
  • Creed: Ashʿari
• 1185–1228 (first)
Umar Walasma
• 1376–1403 (last)
Sa'ad ad-Din II
• Established
• Disestablished
CurrencyDinar and Dirham[2]
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Sultanate of Ifat Sultanate of Shewa
Adal Sultanate Sultanate of Ifat
Today part ofDjibouti

The Sultanate of Ifat, known as Wafāt or Awfāt in Arabic texts,[3] was a medieval Sunni Muslim state in the eastern regions of the Horn of Africa between the late 13th century and early 15th century.[4][5][6] It was formed in present-day Ethiopia around eastern Shewa in Ifat.[7][8][9] Led by the Walashma dynasty, the polity stretched from Zequalla to the port city of Zeila.[10] The kingdom ruled over parts of what are now Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somaliland.

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