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Location of Shewa within the Ethiopian Empire

Shewa (Amharic: ሸዋ; Arabic: شيوا, Oromo: Shawaa), formerly romanized as Shua, Shoa, Showa, Shuwa (Scioà in Italian[1]), is a historical region of Ethiopia which was formerly an autonomous kingdom within the Ethiopian Empire. The modern Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is located at its center. Modern Shewa includes the historical Endagabatan province.[2]

The towns of Debre Berhan, Antsokia, Ankober, Entoto and, after Shewa became a province of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa have all served as the capital of Shewa at various times. Most of northern Shewa, made up of the districts of Menz, Tegulet, Yifat, Menjar and Bulga, is populated by Christian Amharas, while southern Shewa is inhabited by the Gurages and eastern Shewa has large Oromo and Argobba Muslim populations. The monastery of Debre Libanos, founded by Saint Tekle Haymanot, is located in the district of Selale, also known as Grarya, a former province of Abyssinia.[3]

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Shewa (Amharic: ሸዋ; Arabic: شيوا, Oromo: Shawaa), formerly romanized as Shua, Shoa, Showa, Shuwa (Scioà in Italian), is a historical region of Ethiopia...

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List of rulers of Shewa

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article lists the rulers of Shewa, a historical region of Ethiopia. Claiming Solomonic descent, Negasi Krestos established Shewa as an autonomous region of...

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Makhzumi dynasty

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The Makhzumi dynasty also known as Sultanate of Shewa or Shewa Sultanate, was a Muslim kingdom in present-day Ethiopia. Its capital Walale was situated...

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List of districts in the Oromia Region

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(Southwest Shewa Zone) Wama Bonaya (East Welega Zone) Wuchalena Jido (Kaba Shewa Zone) Yaya Gulelena Debre Liban Yaya Gulele fi liban (Kaba Shewa Zone) Districts...

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future Empress was the eldest daughter of the Negus (or King) Menelik of Shewa, the future emperor Menelik II. Zewditu is an Amharic word meaning "the...

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Shewa Robit

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Shewa Robit (Amharic: ሸዋ ሮቢት)also known as Robi, Shah Robit, Shoa Robit or Robit is a town in north-central Ethiopia. Located in the Semien Shewa Zone...

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Semien Shewa

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Semien Shewa is the name of two administrative Zones in Ethiopia: Semien Shewa Zone (Amhara) Semien Shewa Zone (Oromia) This disambiguation page lists...

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Shewa Adda

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Shewa Adda is the headquarter city of Razar Tehsil, Swabi District. This is also called Razzar City. The second largest furniture market in Mardan Division...

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West Shewa Zone

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Shewa Zone (Oromo: Shawaa Lixaa/Dhihaa) is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. This zone takes its name from the kingdom or former province of Shewa...

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Southwest Shewa Zone

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former province of Shewa. Between 2002 and 2005, a number of districts were separated from West Shewa Zone to create Southwest Shewa Zone. Towns in it...

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List of zones of Ethiopia

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East Shewa East Welega East Guji West Guji Horo Guduru Welega Illu ababora Buno Bedele[citation needed] Jimma Kelam Welega North Shewa Southwest Shewa West...

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Makonnen Wolde Mikael

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was Dejazmach Wolde Mikael Wolde Melekot of Shewa. Makonnen was a grandson of Negus Sahle Selassie of Shewa through his mother, Woizero Tenagnework Sahle...

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Ethiopian Empire

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against Christianity. Others argued that she was from the Sultanate of Shewa and a daughter of the king of Lasta, situated in Bugna. The Italian scholar...

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Yemenite Hebrew

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(Gen. 3:8), etc. the first Shewā is resting (mute), while the second Shewā is a mobile Shewā. Another instance of where the Shewā becomes mobile is when it...

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Menelik II

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December 1913), baptised as Sahle Maryam (ሣህለ ማርያም sahlä maryam) was King of Shewa from 1866 to 1889 and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 to his death in 1913...

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Semien Shewa Zone

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Semien Shewa Zone may refer to: Semien Shewa Zone (Amhara), Amhara Region, Ethiopia This disambiguation page lists articles about distinct geographical...

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North Shewa Zone

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North Shewa Zone may refer to: North Shewa Zone (Amhara), Amhara Region, Ethiopia North Shewa Zone (Oromia), Oromia Region, Ethiopia This disambiguation...

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Oromo language

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(Kemise), Tulema/Shewa), ISO code [gaz] Waata, ISO code [ssn] Blench (2006) divides Oromo into four languages: Western Oromo (Maca) Shewa (Tuulama, Arsi)...

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Darge Sahle Selassie

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descendant of Shewan Amhara rulers through his father Negus Sahle Selassie of Shewa. His mother was Woizero Wurige belonging to the Hadiya or Silt’e, she was...

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Debre Birhan

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(Amharic: ደብረ ብርሃን) is a city in central Ethiopia. Located in the Semien Shewa Zone of Amhara Region, about 120 kilometers north east of Addis Ababa on...

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Haile Melekot

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Haile Malakot (1824 – 9 November 1855) was Negus of Shewa, a historical region of Ethiopia, from 12 October 1847 until his death. He was the oldest son...

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East Shewa Zone

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East Shewa (Oromo: Shawaa Bahaa) is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. East Shewa is located at centre of oromia Oromia, connecting the western regions...

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Sahle Selassie

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(Amharic: ሣህለ ሥላሴ, 1795 – 22 October 1847) was a ruler and later King of Shewa from 1813 to 1847. An important Amhara noble of Ethiopia, he was a younger...

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Sultanate of Ifat

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early 15th century. It was formed in present-day Ethiopia around eastern Shewa. Led by the Walashma dynasty, the polity stretched from Zequalla to the...

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Abichu Oromo

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who lived in the Shewa province of Ethiopia. In 1841 William Cornwallis Harris mentioned them as allies of King Sahle Silassie of Shewa. The commander in...

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IPA § Brackets and transcription delimiters. Shva or, in Biblical Hebrew, shĕwa (Hebrew: שְׁוָא) is a Hebrew niqqud vowel sign written as two vertical dots...

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