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Muwatta Imam Malik
AuthorImam Malik ibn Anas
Original titleموطأ الإمام مالك
GenreHadith collection

The Muwaṭṭaʾ (Arabic: الموطأ, "well-trodden path") or Muwatta Imam Malik (Arabic: موطأ الإمام مالك) of Imam Malik (711–795) written in the 8th-century, is one of the earliest collections of hadith texts comprising the subjects of Islamic law, compiled by the Imam, Malik ibn Anas.[1] Malik's best-known work, Al-Muwatta was the first legal work to incorporate and combine hadith and fiqh (except possibly for Zayd ibn Ali's Musnad).[2]

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Muwatta Imam Malik

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The Muwaṭṭaʾ (Arabic: الموطأ, "well-trodden path") or Muwatta Imam Malik (Arabic: موطأ الإمام مالك) of Imam Malik (711–795) written in the 8th-century...

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Malik ibn Anas

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al-Muwatta' led to Malik being bestowed with such reverential epithets as Shaykh al-Islam, Proof of the Community, Imam of the Believers in Hadith, Imam...

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Maliki school

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the work of Malik ibn Anas, particularly the Muwatta Imam Malik, also known as Al-Muwatta. The Muwaṭṭa relies on Sahih Hadiths, includes Malik ibn Anas'...

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Hadithin Nabawi) that includes al-Sihah al-Sittah (The Authentic Six), Muwatta Imam Malik, Sunan al-Darimi, Musnad Ahmad. Sahih al-Bukhari Sahih Muslim Sunan...

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hadith sometimes mix those of Muhammad with the reports of others. Muwatta Imam Malik is usually described as "the earliest written collection of hadith"...

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Muwatta Imam Malik Riwayatu Ibn ul-Qasim (latest publishing) shared on their official website -

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Sunni hadith collections, while others replaced it with either the Muwatta Imam Malik or with the Sunan al-Darimi. It was not until Ibn al-Qaisarani's formal...

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liver [i.e. is alive], there is a reward." There is a hadith in Muwatta' Imam Malik about Muslim Pilgrims having to beware of the wolf, besides other...

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caliph Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik (r. 724–743), long before the reported occultation (ghayba) of the twelfth and final Shia imam Muhammad al-Mahdi in 874...

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Origins of Islamic Law: The Qurʼan, the Muwaṭṭaʼ and Madinan ʻAmal, p. 16 Haddad, Gibril F. (2007). The Four Imams and Their Schools. London, the U.K.: Muslim...

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in comparison with wheat bread, perceived as a luxury item. In the Muwatta Imam Malik (hadith 1700) it is narrated that Jesus the son of Mary used to say...

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woman's garment') that reaches down and covers the top of her feet." Muwatta Imam Malik book 8 hadith 37. Aishah narrated that Allah's Messenger said: "The...

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