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Italian Empire occupation of Ethiopian Empire
Etiopia italiana
የኢጣልያ መንግሥት
Flag of
Map of Italian East Africa after Italy's annexation of Ethiopia.
Map of Italian East Africa after Italy's annexation of Ethiopia.
StatusPart of Italian East Africa
CapitalAddis Ababa
Official languagesItalian
Common languagesAmharic, Afan Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya
• Italian Ethiopia proclaimed by Italy
9 May 1936
• Declared part of Italian East Africa
1 June 1936
• Second Italo-Ethiopian War ends
19 February 1937
• Allied liberation
27 November 1941
CurrencyItalian East African lira
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Italian Ethiopia Ethiopian Empire
Occupied Enemy Territory Administration (Ethiopia) Italian Ethiopia
Today part ofEthiopia, Somalia

Italian Ethiopia (Italian: Etiopia italiana), also known as the Italian Empire of Ethiopia,[1] was the territory of the Ethiopian Empire which was occupied by Italy for approximately five years.[2] Italian Ethiopia was not an administrative entity, but the formal name of the former territory of the Ethiopian Empire which now constituted the Governorates of Amhara, Harar, Galla-Sidamo, and Scioa after the establishment of Italian East Africa (Africa Orientale Italiana, AOI).[3]

After the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, in which Ethiopia was occupied by Fascist Italy, the Ethiopian territories were proclaimed by Benito Mussolini as part of Italian East Africa (AOI) in 1936, with the capital of the AOI being established in Addis Ababa[4] and King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy proclaiming himself Emperor of Ethiopia. Fighting between Ethiopian and Italian regular forces continued until February 1937, and afterward guerrilla fighting persisted until 1939.[5][6]

In 1941, during World War II, Ethiopia was occupied by Allied forces, mainly from the British Empire, in the East African Campaign, but an Italian guerrilla war continued until 1943. The country was placed under British military administration; Emperor Haile Selassie was allowed to return and claim his throne, but the British authorities ruled the country until December 1944, when full sovereignty was restored with the signing of an Anglo-Ethiopian Agreement, although some regions remained under British control for more years.[7][8] Under the peace treaty of 1947, Italy recognized the sovereignty and independence of Ethiopia and renounced all claims to special interests or influence in that country.[9] Many Italian settlers remained for decades after receiving full pardon by Emperor Selassie.[10][11][better source needed]

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