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Italian Eritrea information

Colony of Eritrea
Colonia Eritrea (Italian)
Flag of Italian Eritrea
Coat of arms of Italian Eritrea
Coat of arms
Eritrea (Africa orthographic projection).svg
StatusColony of Italy
Common languagesItalian (official)
Italian Eritrean, Tigrinya, Tigre, Kunama, Nara, Saho, Bilen, Hejazi
Oriental Orthodoxy
• 1882–1900
Umberto I
• 1900–1936
Victor Emmanuel III
• 1890 (first)
Baldassarre Orero
• 1935–1936 (last)
Pietro Badoglio
Historical eraNew Imperialism
• Purchase of Assab
15 November 1869
• Government control
5 July 1882
• Expansion into Eritrea
5 February 1885
• Treaty of Wuchale
2 May 1889
• Colony of Eritrea
1 January 1890
• Part of Italian East Africa
1 June 1936
• British occupation
19 May 1941
• Relinquished by Italy
10 February 1947
• End of British occupation
15 September 1952
CurrencyEritrean tallero
Italian lira
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Italian Eritrea Medri Bahri
Italian Eritrea Ethiopian Empire
Italian East Africa Italian Eritrea
Today part ofEritrea

Italian Eritrea (Italian: Colonia Eritrea, "Colony of Eritrea") was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy in the territory of present-day Eritrea. The first Italian establishment in the area was the purchase of Assab by the Rubattino Shipping Company in 1869, which came under government control in 1882. Occupation of Massawa in 1885 and the subsequent expansion of territory would gradually engulf the region and in 1889 borders with the Ethiopian Empire were defined in the Treaty of Wuchale. In 1890 the Colony of Eritrea (Italian: Colonia Eritrea) was officially founded.

In 1936 the region was integrated into Italian East Africa as the Eritrea Governorate. This would last until Italy's loss of the region in 1941, during the East African campaign of World War II. Italian Eritrea then came under British military administration, which in 1951 fell under United Nations supervision. In September 1952 it became an autonomous part of Ethiopia, until its independence in 1991.

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Italian Eritrea

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Italian Eritrea (Italian: Colonia Eritrea, "Colony of Eritrea") was a colony of the Kingdom of Italy in the territory of present-day Eritrea. The first...

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Eritreans are the native inhabitants of Eritrea, as well as the global diaspora of Eritrea. Eritreans constitute several component ethnic groups, some...

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Languages of Eritrea

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spoken in Eritrea are Tigrinya, Tigre, Kunama, Bilen, Nara, Saho, Afar, Beja. Tigrinya, Arabic, English language and historically Italian language serve...

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Eritrea was a colonial ship of the Italian Regia Marina constructed in the Castellammare Shipyards near Napoli. Construction started in 1935 and she was...

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Italian Eritrean cuisine is the mix of Eritrean dishes and spices with Italian dishes. This kind of cuisine is quite common with Eritreans in Eritrea...

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The Ethiopian–Eritrean Federation was a coalition between the former Italian colony of Eritrea and the Ethiopian Empire. It was established as a result...

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are also a number of Italians who speak their native Italian language. The majority of the Tigrinya inhabit the highlands of Eritrea; however, migration...

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Italian Empire

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Massawa to Italy to form the colony of Italian Eritrea, and – at least, according to the Italian version of the treaty – made Ethiopia an Italian protectorate...

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Kingdom of Italy

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states. These included Eritrea, Italian Somaliland, Libya, Ethiopia (annexed by Italy from 1936 to 1941), Albania (an italian protectorate since 1939)...

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romanized: məṣṣəwaʿ; Ge'ez: ምጽዋ; Arabic: مصوع; Italian: Massaua; Portuguese: Maçuá) is a port city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea, located on the Red Sea at the...

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Culture of Eritrea

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served. In addition, Eritrean cuisine has a lot of Italian dishes from the Italian Eritrean cuisine introduced during Italian Eritrea. It is more common...

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The Eritrean Railway is the only railway system in Eritrea. It was constructed between 1887 and 1932 during the Italian Eritrea colony and connects the...

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officially created by the Italian government the first two elementary schools in Italian Eritrea, with two teachers from Italy: the first and main in Asmara...

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