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Italian East Africa information

Italian East Africa
Africa Orientale Italiana (Italian)
Talyaaniga Bariga Afrika (Somali)
شرق افريقيا الايطالية (Arabic)
የጣሊያን ምሥራቅ አፍሪካ (Amharic)
Flag of Italian East Africa
Coat of arms of Italian East Africa
Coat of arms
Motto: FERT
Marcia Reale d'Ordinanza
"Royal March of Ordinance"
Italian East Africa (1938–1941).svg
Italian East Africa.png
Italian East Africa in 1941:
  Italian East Africa
  Conquered in 1940
  Italian controlled territory
  Kingdom of Italy
StatusColony of Italy
CapitalAddis Ababa
Common languagesItalian, Arabic, Oromo, Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali, Tigre
• 1936–1941
Victor Emmanuel III
• 1936
Pietro Badoglio
• 1936–1937
Rodolfo Graziani
• 1937–1941
Amedeo di Aosta
• 1941 (acting)
Pietro Gazzera
• 1941 (acting)
Guglielmo Nasi
Historical eraInterwar period to World War II
• Italian Ethiopia proclaimed by Italy
9 May 1936
• Italian Ethiopia declared part of Italian East Africa
1 June 1936
• Second Italo-Ethiopian War ends
19 February 1937
• British Somaliland annexed
19 August 1940
• Allied occupation
27 November 1941
• Relinquished by Italy
10 February 1947
1939[2]1,725,000 km2 (666,000 sq mi)
• 1939[2]
CurrencyItalian East African lira
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Italian East Africa 1936:
Italian Eritrea
Italian East Africa Italian Somalia
Italian East Africa Ethiopian Empire
Italian East Africa 1937:
Sultanate of Aussa
Italian East Africa 1940:
British Somaliland
Military Administration in Eritrea Italian East Africa
Military Administration in Somalia Italian East Africa
Military Administration in Ethiopia Italian East Africa
Military Administration in Ogaden Italian East Africa
British Somaliland Italian East Africa
Today part of

Italian East Africa (Italian: Africa Orientale Italiana, AOI)[3] was an Italian colony in the Horn of Africa. It was formed in 1936 through the merger of Italian Somalia, Italian Eritrea, and the newly occupied Ethiopian Empire, conquered in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War.[4]

Italian East Africa was divided into six governorates. Eritrea and Somalia, Italian possessions since the 1880s, were enlarged with captured Ethiopian territory and became the Eritrea and Somalia Governorates. The remainder of "Italian Ethiopia" consisted the Harar, Galla-Sidamo, Amhara, and Scioa Governorates. Fascist colonial policy had a divide and conquer characteristic, and favoured the Oromos, the Somalis and other Muslims in an attempt to weaken their ties to the Amharas who had been the ruling ethnic group in the Ethiopian Empire.[5]

During the Second World War, Italian East Africa was occupied by a British-led force including colonial units and Ethiopian guerrillas in November 1941.[6] After the war, Italian Somalia and Eritrea came under British administration, while Ethiopia regained its independence. In 1950, occupied Somalia became the United Nations Trust Territory of Somaliland, administered by Italy from 1950 until its independence in 1960. Occupied Eritrea became an autonomous part of Ethiopia in 1952, and was later annexed by the Ethiopian Empire in 1962.

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