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Nafi Mawla Ibn Umar information

Nafi bin Sarjis Abu Abdullah ad-Dailami
Diedc. 735 or 736
Medina, Umayyad Caliphate
Notable work(s)Golden chain of narrations in Hadith
  • Ulama
  • Teacher
Muslim leader
Disciple ofIbn Umar
Influenced by
  • Abdullah ibn Umar, Abu Sa'id al-Khudri
  • Malik ibn Anas, Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, Ayyub as-Sakhtiyani

Nafi bin Sarjis Abu Abdullah ad-Dailami (Arabic: نافع بن سارجيس أبو عبد الله الديلمي), also known as Nafi` Mawla ibn `Umar (Arabic: نافع مولى بن عمر), was a scholar of Fiqh jurisprudence and muhaddith from the Tabiun generation who resided in Medina.[1]He was a student of Ibn Umar.

  1. ^ Khallikan 1843, p. 521.

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Nafi Mawla Ibn Umar

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Nafi bin Sarjis Abu Abdullah ad-Dailami (Arabic: نافع بن سارجيس أبو عبد الله الديلمي), also known as Nafi` Mawla ibn `Umar (Arabic: نافع مولى بن عمر),...

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Mecca. Due to this, Ibn Mujāhid selected one reading each for Medina, Mecca, Baṣra, and Damascus – those of Nafi‘ (died 169/785), Ibn Kathir (died 120/737)...

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his deputy at Tangier Tariq ibn Zayid, Musa's mawla launch the beginning of the Muslim invasion of Spain. Uqba ibn Nafi was frequently but erroneously...

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been duly conquered by Abdullah ibn Sa'd, two of his generals, Abdullah ibn Nafi ibn Husain, and Abdullah ibn Nafi' ibn Abdul Qais, were commissioned to...

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