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Location of Kaffa within the Ethiopian Empire

Kaffa (Amharic: ከፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. Kaffa is bordered on the west by Sudan, on the northwest by Illubabor, on the north by Walega, on the northeast by Shewa, on the east by Sidamo, and on the southeast by Gamu-Gofa.

According to legend, ancestors of today's Kaffa people in southwest Ethiopia were the first to cultivate the coffee plant and recognise the energising effect of the coffee beverage.[1] [2]

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Kaffa Province

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Kaffa (Amharic: ከፋ) was a province on the southwestern side of Ethiopia; its capital city was Bonga. Kaffa is bordered on the west by Sudan, on the northwest...

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Look up Kaffa in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Kaffa may refer to: Kaffa (city) or Theodosia, a Crimean city Kaffa Province, a former province in Ethiopia...

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Kingdom of Kaffa

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The Kingdom of Kaffa was a kingdom located in what is now Ethiopia from 1390 to 1897, with its first capital at Bonga. The Gojeb River formed its northern...

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Kefe Eyalet

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The Eyalet of Kefe or Caffa (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت كفه; Eyālet-i Kefê) was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire. The eyalet stretched across the northern coast...

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dictionary. Kafa or KAFA may refer to: Kafa, alternative spelling of Kaffa Province, Ethiopia Kafa, historical name of Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine Ḱafa, a...

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is now Jimma's northern suburb of Jiren was the capital of a large Kaffa province until the Oromos migrated to the region in the 18th century. Originally...

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Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam

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gained the upper hand in Kaffa. But Yohannes intervened and, while allowing Menelik to have Kaffa, he made Menelik give Wollo Province to Ras Araya Selassie...

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Mulatu Astatke

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Background information Born (1943-12-19) 19 December 1943 (age 79) Jimma, Kaffa Province, Ethiopian Empire (now Oromia Region, Ethiopia) Genres Ethio-jazz Occupation(s)...

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Muferiat Kamil

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Succeeded by post abolished Personal details Born 1976 (age 46–47) Jimma, Kaffa Province, Socialist Ethiopia Political party Prosperity Party Other political...

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Coffee bean

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have no appetite". Another common theory is that the name derives from Kaffa Province, Ethiopia, where the species may have originated. The coffee tree averages...

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Keffa Zone

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or Kaffa, is a zone in the South West Region of Ethiopia. The administrative center is Bonga. The Zone is named after the Kingdom of Kaffa. Kaffa was...

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Kingdom of Jimma

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with the Sidamo Kingdom of Janjero, and was separated from the Kingdom of Kaffa to the south by the Gojeb River. Jimma was considered the most powerful...

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History of Ethiopia

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During the reorganization of the provinces in 1942, Jimma vanished into Kaffa Province. The abolition of slavery became a high priority for the Haile Selassie...

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Abiy Ahmed

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headquarters in the Tigray region by security forces of the TPLF, the province's elected party; though such a claim is contested. The Ethiopian government...

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Battle of Maychew

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Emperor. In addition, Ras Getachew Abate arrived with a fresh army from Kaffa Province. The Emperor divided his army into four groups. He arranged that one...

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Kamuzu Kassa

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2018 Born (1990-09-02) 2 September 1990 (age 32) Beklo Segno, Wolayita Kaffa Province, Ethiopia Occupation Composer songwriter and producer Years active 2004–present...

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Early history of Harar

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Dawaro, Fatagar, Bale, and Hadiya. Interestingly, Gelawdewos headed to Kaffa province after which Nur ibn Mujahid declared a jihad. Nur took a lot of damage...

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Kingdom of Yamma

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provinces in 1942, the former kingdom was absorbed to become part of the Kaffa Province. However, with the new constitution of 1995, the area Yamma once occupied...

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Alexander Bulatovich

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became the first European to provide a scientific description of the Kaffa province (conquered by Menelek II where Bulatovich was among the Army). He was...

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Getachew Abate

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as the Shum of Kaffa Province, Ras Getachew Abate commanded the Army of Kaffa. On 31 March 1936, Ras Getachew Abate and the Army of Kaffa was with Emperor...

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Theodros Teshome

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Show (November 2018) Born (1970-01-07) 7 January 1970 (age 53) Jimma, Kaffa Province, Ethiopian Empire (now Oromia Region, Ethiopia) Nationality Ethiopian...

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Welega Province

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which separated it from Gojjam, on the east by Shewa, on the southeast by Kaffa, and on the south by Illubabor. Following the liberation of Ethiopia in...

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Beyene Petros

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Beyene Petros ፕ/ር በየነ ጴጥሮስ Born (1950-03-11) March 11, 1950 (age 73) Kaffa Province, Ethiopian Empire (present-day Hadiya, SNNPR, Ethiopia) Alma mater Tulane...

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Ethiopian Unity Patriots Front

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Eritrea into Gambela Region. The EUPF consequently launched forays into Kaffa Province and southern Oromia Region, but these were only very limited in scope...

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Selale, also known as Grarya, a former province of Abyssinia. Modern Shewa includes the historical Endagabatan province. Eastern Shewa first appears in the...

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Leul Sagad

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bravery at Adwa. In 1907 he was made governor of Bale province, and also governed Kaffa Province. British intelligence documents of the period described...

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List of Russian explorers

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tribes. He became the first European to provide a description of the Kaffa province (conquered by Menelek II with Bulatovich's help) and among the first...

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