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Welega Province information

Location of Welega within the Ethiopian Empire

Welega (also spelled Wollega; Oromo: Wallagga; Amharic: ወለጋ) is a province in western Ethiopia, with its capital city at Nekemte. It was named for the Wollega Oromo, who are the majority of the population within its boundaries.

Welega was bordered on the west by Sudan, on the north by the Abbay River which separated it from Gojjam, on the east by Shewa, on the southeast by Kaffa, and on the south by Illubabor.

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Welega Province

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Welega (also spelled Wollega; Oromo: Wallagga; Amharic: ወለጋ) is a province in western Ethiopia, with its capital city at Nekemte. It was named for the...

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East Welega Zone

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division acquired its name from the former province of Welega. Towns and cities in this zone include Nekemte. East Welega is bounded on the southwest by Illubabor...

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List of kings of Leqa Naqamte

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Leqa Neqemte, was a polity from 1841 to 1897 in what later became the Welega Province of Ethiopia. It was formed as an outgrowth of the power of the city...

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Welega Oromo people

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The Welega (also spelled Wallagga, Wallaga or Wal-arga) is a branch of the Oromo people who live in Oromia Region of Ethiopia, in the former Welega Province;...

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Kelam Welega Zone

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152,916 housing units. The two largest ethnic groups reported in Kelem Welega were the Oromo (94.08%) and the Amhara (5.13%); all other ethnic groups...

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Lemma Megersa

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has been independent.[citation needed] Lemma Megersa was born in the Welega Province. He completed his secondary education at General Tadesse Biru Secondary...

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Prince Sahle Selassie

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to the old Oromo kingdom of Leqa Naqamte in Welega Province, and later served as governor of Welega province. They had a son, Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie...

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Princess Tsehai

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Lieutenant-General (later Brigadier-General) Lij Abiye Abebe, and moved with him to Welega Province when he was appointed governor there. She later worked at Dessie Hospital...

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Horo Guduru Welega Zone

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Horo Guduru Welega (Oromo: Walllaga Horroo Guduruu) is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. It is named after the former province of Welega, whose eastern...

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Mulatu Teshome

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Ethiopia from 2013 to 2018. Mulatu was born in the town of Arjo in Welega Province. He was educated in China, receiving his bachelor's degree in philosophy...

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Mahisente Habte Mariam

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Kumsaa Morodaa) heir to the former Welega Kingdom of Leqa Naqamte, and later served as governor of Welega province. Her mother was Woizero Yeshimebet...

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Seble Desta

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Seble married Dejazmach Kassa Wolde Mariam, the Jote heir to the Welega Province|Welega kingdom of Leqa Qallam, in a double wedding with her sister, Princess...

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Bekele Gerba

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medical condition was worsening. Bekele Gerba was born in 1961 in West Welega Zone. He attended primary school in Boji Dirmaji and high school in Gimbi...

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Menelik II

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of Embabo. Most of the western and central territories like Jimma, Welega Province and Chebo surrendered to Menelik's invading forces with no resistance...

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Dawud Ibsa Ayana

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1981, Dawud commanded the OLF unit that started the armed struggle in Welega Province. The Derg poisoned Ayana in December 1981, and tortured him for several...

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Alemayehu Atomsa

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12 February 1969 in the village of Sere in Welega Province, now in Bonaya Boshe District in the Misraq Welega Zone of the Oromia Region. Alemayehu attended...

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West Welega Zone

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Welega Zone (Oromo: Wallagga Lixaa) is a zone in the western part of Oromia Region, Ethiopia. This zone is named after the former province of Welega,...

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market city and separate woreda in western Ethiopia. Located in the East Welega Zone of the Oromia Region, Nekemte has a latitude and longitude of 9°5′N...

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Military band

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consisted of just over a dozen uniformed musicians, majority coming from Welega province. Members of this band got their training originally from the Arba Lijoch...

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Berhanu Dinka

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Great Lakes region and for Burundi. Berhanu was born in the former Welega Province of the Ethiopian Empire, on 4 June 1935. Educated in Ethiopia and the...

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(ጊምቢ) is a town in western Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Located in the West Welega Zone, it has a latitude and longitude of 9°10′N 35°50′E / 9.167°N 35.833°E...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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(Shoa) Gamu-Gofa Illubabor Kaffa Sidamo Tigray Welega Hararghe Arsi Bale was created as a 13th province when it was split off from Harrarghe in 1960. Eritrea...

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Stuart Bergsma

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based in Addis Ababa and had mission stations in Welega Province but Bergsma visited the western province of Sayo in 1930. Bergsma returned to the United...

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Sophia Yilma

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Elsabeth Workeneh and Yilma Deressa, a member of the Oromo nobility of Welega province. Her father would eventually become one of the leading figures of the...

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Deriba Merga

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medal at the 2007 All-Africa Games a year later. He was born in the Welega Province west of Addis Ababa and he headed to the capital in 2005 to pursue...

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than 5000 kilograms of gold, followed by Tulu Kapi gold deposit in West Welega Zone. Awoday in East Hararghe Zone is the biggest market of khat exporting...

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Imru Haile Selassie

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but the loyal Sheikh Hojali was driven out in July 1936 by rebellious Welega Oromo, who also made Ras Imru's position in Gore untenable, and he retreated...

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