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Wello during the reign of Haile Selassie

Wollo (Amharic: ወሎ) was a historical province of northern Ethiopia. During the Middle Ages this province name was Bete Amhara and it was the centre of the Solomonic emperors. Bete Amhara had an illustrious place in Ethiopian political and cultural history. It was the center of the Solomonic Dynasty established by Emperor Yekuno Amlak around Lake Hayq in 1270. Bete Amhara was bounded on the west by the Abbay, on the south by the river Wanchet, on the north by the Bashilo River and on the east by the Escarpment that separate it from the Afar Desert.[1]

The original Wollo province was mainly only the area of modern-day South Wollo. But in the 1940s, under Emperor Haile Selassie, administration changes were made and provinces such as Lasta, Angot (now known as Raya), and parts of Afar lands were incorporated into Wollo.

  1. ^ Melaku, Misganaw Tadesse (2020). "Social and political history of Wollo Province in Ethiopia: 1769-1916". University of the Western Cape: 46–47.

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Wollo Province

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Wollo (Amharic: ወሎ) was a historical province of northern Ethiopia. During the Middle Ages this province name was Bete Amhara and it was the centre of...

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Wollo Oromo people

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The Wollo Oromo people are an Oromo subgroup inhabiting the historic Wollo Province of northern Ethiopia. The Wollo Oromo speak an Oromo dialect. However...

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celebrated in the Wollo (Amharic: ወሎ, formerly known as “Bete-Amhara,” [Amharic: ቤተ አማራ, Ge'ez: ቤተ ዐምሐራ, translation: “House of Amhara”]) province of Eastern...

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approximately 180 km north of Shewa Province, near the town of Wegeltena, in Ethiopia's Wollo Province. The Wollo Province opal was different from the previous...

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Araya Selassie Yohannes

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January 1883. He was given the command of Wollo province at the time of his wedding. Because of a revolt raised in Wollo due to the death of dejazmach Amda Sadiq...

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Mikael of Wollo

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Negus Mikael of Wollo (born Mohammed Ali, 1850 – 8 September 1918), was an army commander and a member of the nobility of the Ethiopian Empire. He was...

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Haile Selassie

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Ethiopia at Welwel, Ogaden Province, Haile Selassie joined his northern armies and set up headquarters at Desse in Wollo province. He issued his mobilization...

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Mammo Wudneh

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of Fascist Italy bombed his tiny village, Bashagia in what was then Wollo Province. His writing skill has enabled him to secure journalistic jobs at the...

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Alebachew Teka

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was known for his talk show The Alebeh Show. Alebachew was born in Wollo Province, in a small town called Wurgessa in 1962. He completed his elementary...

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Ethiopian Civil War

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led peasants lost 75% production to landlords. Total forest cover in Wollo Province was approximately 2.2% of the total area in 1980, and in Tigray 0.5%...

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Bete Amhara

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region located in north-central Ethiopia, covering most of the later Wollo Province, along with significant parts of North Shewa. The state had 30 districts...

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by Wollo Province, northeast by French Somaliland and on the east by Somalia. Originally however Hararghe included the Sidamo, Bale and Arsi Province until...

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South Wollo Zone

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South Wollo (Amharic: ደቡብ ወሎ) is a zone in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It acquired its name from the former province of Wollo. South Wollo is bordered...

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Abuna Salama III

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eventually confined to the village of Amba Mariam (then called Magdala in Wollo Province), where he died of bronchitis aggravated by his detention. Donald Crummey...

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Amba Mariam

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early 19th century, Magdala was a mountain stronghold, or amba in the Wollo province of the Amhara people. When Johann Ludwig Krapf camped at its foot on...

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Abune Petros

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teaching career at the monastery of Meskabe Kedusan in Amhara Sayint in Wollo Province, and later he moved to Debre-Menkerat monastery in Welayta, South Ethiopia...

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Talha Jafar

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states hostile policies towards Muslims in the region. At first Mikael of Wollo did not take Talha's revolt seriously and dismissed him as merely an individual...

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Menen Asfaw

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Emperor Haile Selassie. Menen Asfaw was born in Ambassel, located in Wollo Province of Ethiopian Empire on 25 March 1889. She was the daughter of Asfaw...

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Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam

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intervened and, while allowing Menelik to have Kaffa, he made Menelik give Wollo Province to Ras Araya Selassie Yohannes, his legitimate son. In January 1887...

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Yetnebersh Nigussie

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Vienna, Austria, 2011 Born (1982-01-24) 24 January 1982 (age 42) Sayint, Wollo Province, Socialist Ethiopia Alma mater Addis Ababa University Occupation(s)...

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North Wollo Zone

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North Wollo (Amharic: ሰሜን ወሎ) also called Semien Wollo, is a zone in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is bordered on the south by South Wollo, on the west...

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Amhara Province

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located in present-day Debub Wollo and parts of Semien Shewa. It was named after the Amhara people, who originated from the province. Amhara Region Amhara people...

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Yalew Abate

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politician who was speaker of the House of Federation. Yalew was born in Wollo Province. He has an applied sociology degree from Addis Abeba University. He...

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Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi

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father from Hadhramaut and Ethiopian mother in Amhara Region being from Wollo, he migrated to Saudi Arabia with his brother Mauricet and becoming a Saudi...

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Getachew Reda

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by Ahmed Shide Personal details Born June 1974 (age 49–50) Alamata, Wollo Province, Ethiopian Empire (present-day Alamata, Tigray Region, Ethiopia) Political...

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Imru Haile Selassie

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was appointed Shum (Governor) of Harar province by his cousin. In 1928, Imru was appointed Shum of Wollo province when Gugsa Welle failed to end a smoldering...

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