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Dire Dawa University information

Dire Dawa University
MottoOasis of Knowledge
TypePublic university
AccreditationMinistry of Education
PresidentUbah Adem
Vice-presidentMegersa Kasim Hussen
Academic staff
Students12,500 (2018)
Dire Dawa

9°37′12″N 41°50′27″E / 9.619900°N 41.840745°E / 9.619900; 41.840745
Dire Dawa University is located in Ethiopia
Dire Dawa University
Location in Ethiopia

Dire Dawa University is a public university located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. It opened for the 2006–07 academic year with 754 students, as one of 13 new universities started by the Ministry of Higher Education, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.[1][2]

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  2. ^ "Ethiopia: University Welcomes First Batch for more info contact the official website,", The Ethiopian Herald, 12 March 2007, at

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Dire Dawa University

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Dire Dawa University is a public university located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. It opened for the 2006–07 academic year with 754 students, as one of 13 new...

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Dire Dawa

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Dire Dawa (Somali: Diridhaba, meaning "where (the Somali ancestor) Dir hit his spear into the ground" or "The true Dir", Amharic: ድሬዳዋ, Harari: ድሬዳዋ,...

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Timeline of Dire Dawa

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of Dire Dawa, a self-governing city in eastern Ethiopia, beginning with annexation from Emirate of Harar by Emperor Menelik II. 1887 – Dire Dawa, a domain...

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List of universities and colleges in Ethiopia

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a list of universities and colleges in Ethiopia. It includes both public and private institutions. "List of Ethiopian Public Universities" (PDF). Archived...

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Anopheles stephensi

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offspring were also immune. In April of 2023, a malaria outbreak at Dire Dawa University in Ethiopia affected 1,300 students. The outbreak was a mystery because...

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Higher education in Ethiopia

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Markos University University of Gondar Dire Dawa University Madda Walabu University Adama Science And Technology University Debre Birhan University Mizan–Tepi...

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Samia Gutu

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Ethiopia until 2018. Samia was born in the city of Harar and raised in Dire Dawa. She credits her mother who was president of the Harari association called...

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the majority clan in Dire Dawa, Afdem (woreda) and Erer district in the Sitti Zone. Gurgure are the founders of the city of Dire Dawa, Sheikh, Somaliland...

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Somali invasion of Ogaden

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two formations. The main force had the aim of seizing Jijiga, Harar and Dire Dawa while a secondary force assaulted Dolo, Gode and Imi. The Somali National...

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Rift Valley University College

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respectively; Bishoftu campus was launched two years later followed by Dire Dawa and Chiro, which begun to operate in August 2005. Bole and Gullele campuses...

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Juneidi Basha

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a Board Member of Dire Dawa University, the International Leadership Institute, East Hararghe Zone Red Cross Society and Dire Dawa Textile Factory. Juneidi...

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Zoma Museum

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project with locations in Addis Ababa and Harla, a historical village near Dire Dawa in Ethiopia. Due to its links and considerable work with European and...

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Languages of Ethiopia

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Ababa and Dire Dawa. Oromo language serves as the official working language and the primary language of education in the Oromia, Harar and Dire Dawa and of...

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Richmond Adongo

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Ghanaian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Ethiopian club Dire Dawa City. Adongo was born in Accra, Ghana. He was spotted at the age of 17...

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Amhara Association of America

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harassment, arbitrary arrest and suspension of over 13 Amhara students in Dire Dawa University as per the ASA. On July 3, 2022, AAA released an interim report titled...

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Haramaya University

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Haramaya University (HU) (Amharic: ሐረማያ ዩኒቨርሲቲ; Oromo: Univarsiitii Haramayaa) is a public research university in Haramaya, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. It...

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University of California Press. p. 711. ISBN 9780435948115. Loimeier, Roman. Muslim Societies in Africa A Historical Anthropology. Indiana University...

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attack Harar. Between the Shewan victory at Chelenqo and the foundation of Dire Dawa, Jaldessa was the seat of the various governors, such as the Armenian...

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Ali Birra

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as a poet and multi-instrumentalist. Ali Birra was born in Ganda Kore, Dire Dawa on 29 September 1950. His parents separated when he was three years old...

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Regions of Ethiopia

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are twelve regional states and two chartered cities (Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa). Being based on ethnicity and language, rather than physical geography...

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Filsan Abdi

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of the Tigray War. Filsan Abdullahi Ahmed was born in 1991 or 1992 in Dire Dawa. Her parents are ethnic Somalis from Jigjiga, the capital of Somali Region...

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Mersha Nahusenay

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advisors to Emperor Menelik II, he went on to become the first governor of Dire Dawa, and surrounding areas (1902–1905). Prior to that he was governor of the...

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who live between the Awash River Dire Dawa. And Hararghe. The Sherifa, who live between the Awash River and Dire Dawa East Hararge Babile Deder Gursum...

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Mohammed Rashad Abdulle

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program. Sheik Mohammed Rashad Abdulle died at age 79 on May 25, 2013, in Dire Dawa. "Dr. Muhammad Rashad Abdulle, eminent Oromo scholar and linguist, dies...

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above sea level. Haramaya is 10 km (6.2 mi) west of Harar, on the road to Dire Dawa. It is located on Lake Haramaya a seasonal freshwater lake which supports...

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Ethiopian Greeks

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They are mainly located in the capital, Addis Ababa, and the city of Dire Dawa. The name Ethiopia itself is Greek and means "of burned face". It is first...

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Oromo language

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Harari and Dire Dawa regional states and of the Oromia Zone in the Amhara Region. It is a language of primary education in Oromia, Harari, Dire Dawa, Benishangul-Gumuz...

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