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Dire Dawa information

Dire Dawa
  • Diridhaba (Somali)
  • Dirree Dhawaa (Oromo)
  • ድሬዳዋ (Amharic)
Chartered city
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
From top: Dire Dawa Train Station; Dire Dawa Downtown; Street view of Dire Dawa; Kafira Market; Skyline view in afternoon; Bete Mikael Church
Flag of Dire Dawa
Official seal of Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa is located in Ethiopia
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Location within Ethiopia
Dire Dawa is located in Horn of Africa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Location within the Horn of Africa
Dire Dawa is located in Africa
Dire Dawa
Dire Dawa
Location within Africa
Coordinates: 9°36′N 41°52′E / 9.600°N 41.867°E / 9.600; 41.867
CountryDire Dawa Ethiopia
Founded24 December 1902
 • TypeChartered city
 • MayorKedir Juhar[2]
 • Chartered city1,213 km2 (468 sq mi)
1,276[4] m (4,189 ft)
 (July 2019)
 • Chartered city493,000[1]
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Area code(+251) 25
HDI (2019)0.570[5]
medium · 3rd of 11

Dire Dawa (Amharic: ድሬዳዋ, Oromo: Dirree Dhawaa, lit. 'Place of Remedy';[6] Somali: Diridhaba, meaning "where Dir hit his spear into the ground" or "The true Dir", Arabic: ديري داوا,[7][8]) is a city in eastern Ethiopia near the Oromia and Somali Region border and one of two chartered cities in Ethiopia (the other being Addis Ababa, the capital). Dire Dawa alongside present-day Sitti Zone were apart of the Dire Dawa autonomous region stipulated in the 1987 Ethiopian Constitution until 1993 when it was split by the federal government into a separately administered chartered city.[9] This was due to the ongoing clashes between the OLF and IGLF and prevented any further escalation.

It is divided administratively into two woredas, the city proper and the non-urban woreda of Gurgura.

Dire Dawa lies in the eastern part of the nation, on the Dechatu River, at the foot of a ring of cliffs. The western outskirts of the city lie on the Gorro River, a tributary of the Dechatu River. It is located at the latitude and longitude of 9°36′N 41°52′E / 9.600°N 41.867°E / 9.600; 41.867Coordinates: 9°36′N 41°52′E / 9.600°N 41.867°E / 9.600; 41.867. The city is an industrial centre, home to several markets and the Dire Dawa Airport.

The projected population for 2015 was 440,000 for the entire chartered city and 277,000 for the city proper, making the latter the seventh largest city in Ethiopia.

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