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Rift Valley University College
ሪፍት ቫሊይ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ኮሌጅ
Excellence for Development!!![1]
EstablishedOctober 2000[2]
FounderAto Dinku Deyesa[3]
Budget$700 -1,004 USD/month[4]
PresidentAbebe Gemechu Lencha
Academic staff
Total staff
Oromia Region

7°40′37″N 36°50′44″E / 7.677069°N 36.845447°E / 7.677069; 36.845447Coordinates: 7°40′37″N 36°50′44″E / 7.677069°N 36.845447°E / 7.677069; 36.845447
Rift Valley University College.png
Rift Valley University College is located in Ethiopia
Rift Valley University College
Location in Ethiopia

Rift Valley University (RVU) is the largest private university in Ethiopia,[7] with campuses around the country. Known formerly as Rift Valley University, RVU was granted full-fledged university status in 2014 by Ministry of Education. Its headquarters are in Jimma, Addis Ababa.

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