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Coordinates: 31°02′10″N 30°28′10″E / 31.03611°N 30.46944°E / 31.03611; 30.46944

Damnhur Opera House.jpg
مسجد الأتوبيس - دمنهور.jpg
Damnhur Opera House From inside.jpg
ميدان جلال قريطم بمدينة دمنهور.jpg
Damanhour at Night.jpg
دار أوبرا دمنهور.jpg
Clockwise from top:
Damanhur Opera House, Nasser Mosque, Inside Opera House, Galal Qoraytem square, Damanhur at Night, Damanhur Opera House
Flag of Damanhur
Official seal of Damanhur
Damanhur is located in Egypt
Location within Egypt
Coordinates: 31°02′26″N 30°28′12″E / 31.04056°N 30.47000°E / 31.04056; 30.47000
CountryDamanhur Egypt
18 m (59 ft)
 • Total242,700
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
Area code(+20) 45

Damanhur (Arabic: دمنهور Damanhūr, IPA: [dɑmɑnˈhuːɾ]; Egyptian: Dmỉ-n-Ḥr.w; Coptic: ⲡϯⲙⲓⲛ̀ϩⲱⲣ Ptīminhōr; pronounced [ptəmənhoːr]; Ancient Greek: Ἑρμοῦ πόλις μικρά Hermopolis Mikra) is a city in Lower Egypt, and the capital of the Beheira Governorate. It is located 160 km (99 mi) northwest of Cairo, and 70 km (43 mi) E.S.E. of Alexandria, in the middle of the western Nile Delta.

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30°28′10″E / 31.03611°N 30.46944°E / 31.03611; 30.46944 Damanhur (Arabic: دمنهور Damanhūr, IPA: [dɑmɑnˈhuːɾ]; Egyptian: Dmỉ-n-Ḥr.w; Coptic: ⲡϯⲙⲓⲛ̀ϩⲱⲣ Ptīminhōr;...

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Federation of Damanhur

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The Federation of Damanhur, often called simply Damanhur, is a commune, ecovillage, and spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern...

Word Count : 589

Temples of Humankind

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temples buried 30 metres (100 ft) underground built by the Federation of Damanhur. They are decorated in several motifs stressing peaceful human collaboration...

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Beheira Governorate

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in the northern part of the country in the Nile Delta, its capital is Damanhur. Beheira Governorate enjoys an important strategical place, west of the...

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Oberto Airaudi

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artist, who founded the Federation of Damanhur. Airaudi also went by the name of Falco (Hawk), based on the Damanhur practice of adopting animal names. He...

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Kubra Gharbia 522,799 18 Damietta Damietta 282,879 9 Tanta Gharbia 508,754 19 Damanhur Beheira 262,505 10 Faiyum Faiyum 475,139 20 Minya Minya 245,478...

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List of cities and towns in Egypt

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Bilbeis Birket El Sab Borg El Arab Borg El Burullus Bush Cairo Dahab Dairut Damanhur Damietta Dar El Salam Daraw Deir Mawas Dekernes Dendera Desouk Dishna Edfu...

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Nile Delta

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located in the Nile Delta: Abusir Alexandria Avaris Bilbeis Bubastis Canopus Damanhur Desouk Damietta El Mahalla El Kubra Kafr El Sheikh Leontopolis Mendes Mit...

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Sultanate of Egypt

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and bans. Soon, similar demonstrations broke out in Alexandria, Tanta, Damanhur, Al Mansurah, and Al Fayyum. By the summer of 1919, more than 800 Egyptians...

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Subdivisions of Egypt

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Bulaq (k) Bulaq El Dakrur (k) Burullus (m) Dahab (k) Dairut (m) Damanhur (k) Damanhur (m) Damietta (m) Damietta 1 (k) Damietta 2 (k) Dar El Salam (m)...

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Ayyubid dynasty

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Numerous smaller cities dotted the Nile River. Among the latter were Damanhur, Asyut, and Tanta. Cities in Egypt were also densely populated, mainly...

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Novara (1849) Bialbero de Casorzo Giovenale Boetto Chiusella Federation of Damanhur Gianduja Piedmont cuisine Roman Catholic Diocese of Tortona Waldensian...

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Mamluk Sultanate

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administrative divisions in Syria. The new Egyptian niyabas were Alexandria, Damanhur and Asyut. Barquq instituted this change as a means to better control the...

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village in the Ardabil Province of Iran QUD, regional airport code for Damanhur, Egypt Quds Force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards aiming...

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Coptic language

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ⲫⲓⲟⲙ (phiom) الفيوم (al-fayyūm) Faiyum ϯⲙⲉⲛϩⲱⲣ (timenhōr) دمنهور (damanhūr) Damanhur ⲥⲟⲩⲁⲛ (souan) أسوان (ʾaswān) Aswan ⲙⲉⲙϥⲓ (memfi) منف (manf) Memphis...

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Muslim Brotherhood

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Brotherhood by Shaykh Hasanayn's son and successor when the latter visited Damanhur, and benefited greatly from his teachings... Hasan al-Banna later declared...

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Visionary art

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painting by Alex Grey Hall of Mirrors, Temples of Humankind, Federation of Damanhur Burning Man Fantastic art Horror vacui Outsider art Psychedelic art Surrealism...

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Ahmed Zewail

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Institute of Technology. Ahmed Hasan Zewail was born on February 26, 1946, in Damanhur, Egypt, and was raised in Desouk. He received a Bachelor of Science and...

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List of intentional communities

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Denmark Freetown Christiania in Denmark Svanholm in Denmark Federation of Damanhur in Piedmont, Italy Nomadelfia in Italy Bruderhof Communities, originally...

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Governorate Alexandria, Borg El Arab, New Borg El Arab Beheira Governorate Damanhur, Kafr El Dawwar, Rosetta, Edku, Abu El Matamir, Abu Hummus, El Delengat...

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Nubayrah Stele

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branch of the Nile River; the town is southwest of Damanhur. The original "Nubayrah" was close to Damanhur. The Nubayrah Stele is located in the Egyptian...

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List of ancient Egyptian towns and cities

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Amun Sakha Xeos, Skhoo Capital of its nome Timinhor (Damanhur) later than 1200 BC 7th Damanhur Hermopolis Mikra, Tel Ballamon Capital of its nome Piemro...

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Last Update:

Hebron; Bethlehem; Mount Meron; Netivot; Uman, Ukraine; Silistra, Bulgaria; Damanhur, Egypt; and many others. Many rabbis claim that even today, after the destruction...

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Rosetta Stone decree

Last Update:

portion of the inscription can be restored using a copy of the decree from Damanhur (Hermopolis Magna) which was discovered in 1896. It post-dates the Rosetta...

Word Count : 1957

Chiusella Valley

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510 m Chiusella, the river that flows through the valley Federation of Damanhur, an ecovillage and spiritual community situated about 50 kilometres (31 mi)...

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Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Beheira

Last Update:

Church in the northwest of Egypt. It is headquartered in the metropolis of Damanhur, and is currently headed by Metropolitan Pachomius. The modern diocese...

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History of the Jews in Egypt

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Sha'ar Hashamayim Synagogue in Cairo Tomb of rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira in Damanhur Cairo Geniza "Jews, by Country of Origin and Age". Statistical Abstract...

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Telephone numbers in Egypt

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013-xxx-xxxx +20-13-xxx-xxxx Beni Suef 82 082-xxx-xxxx +20-82-xxx-xxxx Damanhur 45 045-xxx-xxxx +20-45-xxx-xxxx Damietta 57 057-xxx-xxxx +20-57-xxx-xxxx...

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