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Arta Region information

Arta Region
Gobolka Carta
إقليم عرتا
Region (Gobolka)
Djibouti - Arta.svg
CountryArta Region Djibouti
Administrative centreArta
 • Total1,800 km2 (700 sq mi)
 • Total84,777[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
ISO 3166 codeDJ-AR

Arta Region (Arabic: إقليم عرتا, Somali: Gobolka Carta) is one of the six regions of Djibouti. It was officially created in 2003 by the regrouping of districts of the regions of is clam down [surre and ciise]. It is situated in the south-central of the country, bordering the Tadjoura Region to the north, and the Djibouti Region to the north-east, and Dikhil Region the Ali Sabieh Region to the south, the country of Somaliland lies to the east.

The capital of Arta Region is Arta. Other towns include We`a, Damerjog and Loyada. The Hemed mountain is the highest point in the region of Arta.

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Arta Region

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Arta Region (Arabic: إقليم عرتا, Somali: Gobolka Carta) is one of the six regions of Djibouti. It was officially created in 2003 by the regrouping of...

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لويعدا, Somali: Lowyacadde) is a small town in Djibouti. Located in the Arta Region, it is the only official border crossing from Djibouti into Somaliland...

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The Arta Mountains, also known as the Great Mountains of Arta (Somali: Buuraha Carta) are a mountain range in Djibouti. They sit at an average elevation...

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Djibouti Region is one of the six regions of Djibouti. It borders the Gulf of Tadjoura and Gulf of Aden to the north and east, and the Arta Region to the...

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Training Center at Arta Beach (CECAP), or Centre d'entraînement au combat d'Arta Plage, is a French Army training facility located in Arta, Djibouti. The...

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Ambracian Gulf

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The Ambracian Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Arta or the Gulf of Actium, and in some official documents as the Amvrakikos Gulf (Greek: Αμβρακικός κόλπος...

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Koussour (Somali: Kusuur, Arabic: كوسور) is a drinking water well in the Arta Region of Djibouti. It is located about 94 kilometres (58 miles) west of the...

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Omar Jagaa (Somali: Cumar Jagac) is a town in the Arta Region of Djibouti. It is located on the RN-1 National Highway, which connects it to Djibouti City...

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sources by 2030. The wind farm is located in the Arta Region, near the border with the Tadjourah Region, close to Lake Ghoubet, in Djibouti. It sits on...

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