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Dikhil Region information

Dikhil Region
Gobolka Dikhil
Rakaakay Dikhil
إقليم دخيل
Region (Gobolka - Rakaakay)
Coordinates: 11°06′N 42°22′E / 11.100°N 42.367°E / 11.100; 42.367
CountryDikhil Region Djibouti
Administrative centreDikhil
 • Total7,200 km2 (2,800 sq mi)
1,362 m (4,469 ft)
 • Total111,457[1]
ISO 3166 codeDJ-DI

The Dikhil Region (Arabic: إقليم دخيل, Somali: Gobolka Dikhil, Afar: Rakaakay Dikhil) is a region in southern Djibouti. It is bordered by the Regions of Tadjoura to the north, Arta to the northeast, Ali Sabieh to the east. To the west and south, it has a long line with the Djibouti-Ethiopia border adjacent to the Ethiopia Regions of Afar Region and Somali Region. Dikhil Region is the largest Region in Djibouti by area, with a mainland area of 7,200 square kilometres (2,800 sq mi), it is about the same size as Sikkim. The Dikhil Region's capital is the town of Dikhil.

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Dikhil Region

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The Dikhil Region (Arabic: إقليم دخيل, Somali: Gobolka Dikhil, Afar: Rakaakay Dikhil) is a region in southern Djibouti. It is bordered by the Regions...

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Dikhil (Arabic: دخيل) is a town in the western Dikhil Region of Djibouti. Lying east of Lake Abbe, It is situated about 122 km (76 mi) southwest of Djibouti...

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Arta Region

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regions of Dikhil and Djibouti. It is situated in the south-central of the country, bordering the Tadjoura Region to the north, and the Djibouti Region to the...

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Ali Sabieh Region

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the Dikhil Region to the west and the Arta Region to the north. Its capital is Ali Sabieh. The Arrei Mountains are the highest point in the region. Nomadic...

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Geography of Djibouti

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Desert covers parts of southern Djibouti in the Arta Region, Ali Sabieh Region and Dikhil Region. The majority of the Grand Bara Desert lies at a relatively...

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Mouloud (Arabic: مولود) is a town located in the southern Dikhil region of Djibouti. It is located around 102 kilometers south of the capital, Djibouti...

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Yoboki (Arabic: يوبوكي) is a town located in the western Dikhil Region of Djibouti. It is situated approximately 179 km (111 mi) west of the nation's...

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Regions of Djibouti

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last. In 1963, Obock's circle was created by division of that of Tadjourah region. In 1967, the circle of Djibouti is transformed into district, then divided...

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Barkat Gourad Hamadou

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Hamadou was a member of the Afar ethnic group and was born in Tew'o, Dikhil Region, in the southwest of Djibouti. Prior to Djibouti's independence, he...

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Daoudaouga (Arabic: داودوغا) is a town located in the Dikhil Region of Djibouti. It is situated approximately 238 km (148 mi) western of the nation's...

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Dagguirou (Arabic: داغويرو) is a town located in the Dikhil Region of Djibouti. It is situated approximately 212 km (132 mi) western of the nation's capital...

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Kouta Bouyya

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كوتا بويا) is a town in the western Dikhil region of Djibouti. It is situated about 53 km (33 mi) west of Dikhil. The village was originally built on...

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a village in the southeastern Dikhil Region of Djibouti. It is situated approximately 25 km (15 mi) eastern of Dikhil, the regional capital. The village...

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a town located in the centre of Dikhil Region in Djibouti. Nearby towns and villages include Yoboki (30 km), Dikhil (29 km) and Galafi (70 km). Gorabous...

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Dikhil Airport

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Dikhil (IATA: HDDK) is an airstrip serving the town of Dikhil in the Dikhil Region of Djibouti. Transport in Djibouti Google Maps - Dikhil OurAirports...

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Grand Bara

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hunting pressure. The Berbera gerbil (Gerbillus acticola) is endemic to this region as are Arnold's leaf-toed gecko (Hemidactylus arnoldi) and the northern...

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Mohamed Abdoulkader Mohamed

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Pan-African Parliament from Djibouti. Mohamed was born at Katoumbati in Dikhil Region. A member of the Political Bureau of the Front for the Restoration of...

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Djiboutian Civil War

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There were clashes between government forces and FRUD rebels in the Dikhil region of western Djibouti on October, from the first days of the outbreak...

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Ougoureh Kifleh Ahmed

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candidate list of the People's Rally for Progress (RPP) and FRUD for Dikhil Region. Following this election, he was moved to the post of Minister of the...

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List of countries by westernmost point

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 Yemen Jabal al-Tair Island 41°49′E 144  Djibouti Border with Ethiopia, Dikhil Region 41°46′E 145  Comoros Moroni, Grande Comore island 43°12′E 146  Armenia...

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Handoga is located 14 km to the west of Dikhil, Djibouti. During the first excavations in 1970, archaeologists discovered foundations of stone houses and...

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Subdivisions of Djibouti

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Sabieh Region (Région d'Ali Sabieh) Arta Region (Région d'Arta) Dikhil Region (Région de Dikhil) Djibouti (city) (Ville de Djibouti) Obock Region (Région d'Obock)...

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Tadjourah Region

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Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia to the northwest, the Obock Region to the northeast, the Dikhil and Arta regions and Lake Asal to the south, and the Gulf...

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Politics of Djibouti

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regions and one city: Ali Sabieh Region, Arta Region, Dikhil Region, Djibouti Region, Obock Region and Tadjourah Region. The country is further sub-divided...

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Daher Ahmed Farah

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as DAF, is a Djiboutian politician and writer, who was born in 1962 in Dikhil. In 1983 Farah was an Inter-African admission to the annual entry competition...

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