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Ali Sabieh Region information

Ali Sabieh
Gobolka Cali Sabiix
على صبيح
Region (Gobolka)
Djibouti - Ali Sabieh.svg
CountryAli Sabieh Region Djibouti
Administrative centreAli Sabieh
 • Total2,400 km2 (900 sq mi)
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 • Total250,547
 • Density100/km2 (270/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeDJ-AS

Ali Sabieh Region (Arabic: إقليم على صبيح, Somali: Gobolka Cali Sabiix) is a region in southern Djibouti. With a mainland area of 2,400 square kilometres (900 sq mi), it lies along the national border with Somaliland and Ethiopia, bordering also the Dikhil Region to the west and the Arta Region to the north. Its capital is Ali Sabieh. The Arrei Mountains are the highest point in the region.

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Ali Sabieh Region

Last Update:

Ali Sabieh Region (Arabic: إقليم على صبيح, Somali: Gobolka Cali Sabiix) is a region in southern Djibouti. With a mainland area of 2,400 square kilometres...

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Ali Sabieh

Last Update:

Ali Sabieh (Somali: Cali Sabiix, Arabic: علي صبيح) is the second largest city in Djibouti. It is situated about 98 kilometres (61 miles) Southwest of Djibouti...

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Ali Sabieh Mountain

Last Update:

The Ali Sabieh Mountain or The Mountain of the National Emblem (Somali: Buurta Cali Sabiix) is a landmark in the Ali Sabieh region of Djibouti. The national...

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Ali Oune

Last Update:

Ali Oune is a small town located in Ali Sabieh Region of Djibouti. It is situated about 22 km (14 mi) south of Djibouti City and 7 km (4.3 mi) east of...

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Last Update:

Holhol (Somali: Hollholl, Arabic: حلحول) is a town in the Ali Sabieh Region of Djibouti. It is located 44 kilometres (27 miles) south-west of the capital...

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Geography of Djibouti

Last Update:

Desert covers parts of southern Djibouti in the Arta Region, Ali Sabieh Region and Dikhil Region. The majority of the Grand Bara Desert lies at a relatively...

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Doudoub Bolole

Last Update:

Doudoub Bolole (Arabic: بلول دودوب) is a town in the Ali Sabieh Region of Djibouti. It is located 68 km south west of the capital Djibouti City, at an...

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Ali Olo

Last Update:

The Ali Olo is a mountain located in the northeast of Ali Sabieh Region in Djibouti. With an average elevation of 286 metres (938 ft) above sea level...

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Arta Region

Last Update:

bordering the Tadjoura Region to the north, and the Djibouti Region to the north-east, and Dikhil Region the Ali Sabieh Region to the south, the country...

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Holhol Defence Training Center

Last Update:

The Holhol or El-Hajj Hassan Gouled is a basic military training centre for the Djibouti Armed Forces and is located in Holhol south of the country. El-Hajj...

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Regions of Djibouti

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1939, the circle of Ali Sabieh is extracted from the last. In 1963, Obock's circle was created by division of that of Tadjourah region. In 1967, the circle...

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Rahle Godle

Last Update:

Rahle Godle is a mountain situated in Ali Sabieh Region of southern Djibouti. With an average elevation of 764 metres (2,507 ft) above sea level, the...

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Arrei Mountains

Last Update:

Arrei Mountains also known as the "Roof of Ali Sabieh", are a mountain range in the southern Ali Sabieh Region in Djibouti. With an average elevation of...

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Mahmoud Harbi

Last Update:

December 1958, during Djibouti's pre-independence period. Harbi was born in Ali Sabieh, Djibouti in 1921 to a Somali family from the Fourlaba sub-clan of the...

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town located in southeastern of Ali Sabieh Region. It is situated about 32 kilometres (20 miles) Southeast of Ali Sabieh, near the borders with Somalia...

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Dagouein Mountain

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spoken in the area are Somali. The Dagouein Mountain lie south of the Ali Sabieh Region in Djibouti. The altitude and size of the range affects the climate...

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Dikhil Region

Last Update:

Ali Sabieh to the east. To the west and south, it has a long line with the Djibouti-Ethiopia border adjacent to the Ethiopia Regions of Afar Region and...

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Subdivisions of Djibouti

Last Update:

Ali Sabieh Region (Région d'Ali Sabieh) Arta Region (Région d'Arta) Dikhil Region (Région de Dikhil) Djibouti (city) (Ville de Djibouti) Obock Region...

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Kadra Ahmed Hassan

Last Update:

the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. Hassan was born in Ali Sabieh in Djibouti 1973. She holds master's degrees in political science from...

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Politics of Djibouti

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administrative regions and one city: Ali Sabieh Region, Arta Region, Dikhil Region, Djibouti Region, Obock Region and Tadjourah Region. The country is further sub-divided...

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Last Update:

Gubato), also spelled Goubétto, is a town in Djibouti. Located in the Ali Sabieh region, it is served by a station on the Ethio-Djibouti Railways. The eastern...

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Omar Farah Iltireh

Last Update:

Omar Farah Iltireh (Somali: Cumar Faarax Ciiltire) (born 1933 in Ali-Sabieh, Djibouti) is a politician of the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas...

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Moumina Houssein Darar

Last Update:

Moumina Houssein Darar Moumina Houssein Darar Born 1 June 1990 Ali Sabieh, Djibouti Nationality Djibouti Occupation Police officer Known for Anti-terrorism...

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Zourah Ali

Last Update:

Zourah Ali also known as Souhra Ali Mohamed (born 23 November 1994) is a Djiboutian runner. She competed in the 2012 and 2020 Summer Olympics. She competed...

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Ahmed Boulaleh Barreh

Last Update:

and a member of the National Assembly of Djibouti. Boulaleh was born in Ali-Sabieh and is an Issa of the Furlaba subclan. He was first elected to the National...

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Hussein Ahmed Salah

Last Update:

information Full name Hussein Ahmed Salah Nationality Djiboutian Born (1956-12-31) 31 December 1956 (age 65) Ali Sabieh, Djibouti Sport Sport Track Medal record...

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Danakil Alps

Last Update:

(1181): 313–329. doi:10.1098/rsta.1970.0038. "Geology of the Danakil and Ali-Sabieh Blocks". Afar Rift Consortium. Retrieved 17 January 2017. Pierre Wiart;...

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Idriss Arnaoud Ali

Last Update:

the People's Rally for Progress (RPP) from 2003 to 2012. He was born in Ali Sabieh. Beginning in 1982, he held various important positions at Air Djibouti...

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Last Update:

towns and villages include Djibouti City (102 km), Dadahalou (15 km), Ali Sabieh (30 km), Weʽa (64 km) and Dikhil (20 km). As of 2015, the population of...

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Aden Robleh Awaleh

Last Update:

member of the National Assembly of Djibouti. Awaleh, an Issa, was born in Ali-Sabieh. After secondary studies in Djibouti, Aden Robleh Awaleh studied law in...

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Boura Mountains

Last Update:

semi-desert. The mountain is located approximately 32 km (20 mi) east of Ali Sabieh, 13 kilometres (8 mi) from Assamo by road. The altitude and size of the...

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Grand Bara

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hunting pressure. The Berbera gerbil (Gerbillus acticola) is endemic to this region as are Arnold’s leaf-toed gecko (Hemidactylus arnoldi) and the northern...

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Kadra Mohamed Dembil

Last Update:

is an ethnically Somali Djiboutian middle-distance runner who lives in Ali Sabieh. Kadra dropped out of high school. She speaks Somali and knows some French...

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Last Update:

The Grand Bara desert covers parts of southern Djibouti in the Arta, Ali Sabieh and Dikhil regions. The majority of it sits at a relatively low elevation...

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Last Update:

inhabitants. It is the third largest city in the country after Djibouti and Ali Sabieh. Tadjoura has an airstrip and is linked by ferry with Djibouti City. It...

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Djibouti Armed Forces

Last Update:

10:00 am, the convoy begins its progress in the direction of Ali Sabieh. Then reached Ali Sabieh where the refugees were taken care of by the Djiboutian Army...

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Last Update:

for drinking water. Nearby towns and villages include Mouloud (14 km), Dikhil (25 km) and Ali Sabieh (44 km). Dadahalou Dadahalou prayer times [1] v t e...

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Ali Adde

Last Update:

National Highway 5. Nearby towns and villages include Ali Sabieh, Holhol, Dewele, Assamo and Guisti. Ali Adde is located in a valley in the southern section...

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Health in Djibouti

Last Update:

the hospitals in Djibouti: Al Rahma Hospital, Balbala Ali Sabieh Hospital Medical Center, Ali-Sabieh Arta Hospital Medical Centre, Arta Centre Yonis Toussaint...

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