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Ahmad al-Faruqi al-Sirhindi
Painting of Ahmad Sirhindi (left), c. 16th or 17th century
TitleMujadid-i- Alf-i-Thani (Reviver of the second Millennium).
Born26 May[1][2] 1564[3]: 90 
Sirhind, Punjab, Mughal Empire
Died10 December 1624(1624-12-10) (aged 60)
Sirhind, Punjab, Mughal Empire
EraMughal India
Main interest(s)Islamic Law, Islamic philosophy
Notable idea(s)Evolution of Islamic philosophy, application of Islamic law
Muslim leader
Influenced by
  • Shaykh Yaqub Sarfi Kashmiri

Aḥmad al-Fārūqī al-Sirhindī (1564 – 1624), also known as Imam Rabbani and Mujadid Alf-e-Sani (Reviver of the second Millennium),[5] was an Indian Islamic scholar, Hanafi jurist, and member of the Naqshbandī Sufi order.[6] He has been described by some followers as a Mujaddid, meaning a “reviver", for his work in rejuvenating Islam and opposing the newly made religion of Din-i Ilahi and other problematic opinions of Mughal emperor Akbar.[7][8] While early South Asian scholarship credited him for contributing to conservative trends in Indian Islam, more recent works, notably by ter Haar, Friedman, and Buehler, have pointed to Sirhindi's significant contributions to Sufi epistemology and practices.[9]

Tomb of Mujaddid e Alfsani

The shrine of Ahmad Sirhindi, known as Rauza Sharif, is located in Sirhind, Punjab, India.

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