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Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi information

A'la Hazrat
Imam Ahl-e-Sunnat
Ahmad Raza Khan
احمد رضا خان
Bareilly Sharif Dargah
Shrine of Ahmad Raza Khan in Bareilly, India
Born14 June 1856
Bareilly, North-Western Provinces, British India
DiedOctober 1921(1921-10-00) (aged 65)
Bareilly, United Provinces, British India
Resting placeShrine of Ahmad Raza Khan, Uttar Pradesh, India
SpouseIrshad Begum
  • Hamid Raza Khan
  • Mustafa Raza Khan
  • Mustafai Begum
  • Kaneez Hasan
  • Kaneez Husain
  • Kaneez Hasnain
  • Murtazai Begum
  • Naqi Ali Khan (father)
  • Hussaini Khanum (mother)
CitizenshipBritish Indian
EraModern era
RegionSouth Asia
Main interest(s)Islamic theology, Hadith, Tafsir, Hanafi jurisprudence, Urdu poetry, Tasawwuf, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Astronomy
RelationsHassan Raza Khan (Brother)
Ibrahim Raza Khan (Grandson)(Son of Hamid Raza Khan)
Akhtar Raza Khan (Great-Grandson)
Asjad Raza Khan (Great-Great-Grandson)
Subhan Raza Khan (Great- Great-Grandson)
Kaif Raza Khan (Great- Great-Grandson)
Tauqeer Raza Khan (Great Great-Grandson)
Muslim leader
SuccessorHamid Raza Khan
Influenced by
  • Abu Hanifa
    Abdul Qadir Gilani
    Mu'in al-Din Chishti
    Nizamuddin Auliya
    Ibn Abidin
    Qadi Iyad
  • The entirety of Barelvi Movement

Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi Qadri[a] (14 June 1856 – October 1921), known reverentially as A'la Hazrat,[b] was an Indian Islamic scholar and poet who is considered as the founder of the Barelvi movement and the Razvi branch of the Qadri Sufi order.

Born in Bareilly, British India, Khan wrote on law, religion, philosophy and the sciences, and because he mastered many subjects in both rational and religious sciences. He was a reformer who wrote extensively in defense of Muhammad and popular Sufi practices. He influenced millions of people, and today the Barelvi movement has around 200 million followers in the region. Khan is viewed as a Mujadid or reviver of Islam by Sufis.

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