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Location of Hararghe within the Ethiopian Empire

Hararghe (Amharic: ሐረርጌ Harärge; Harari: ሀረርጌይ Harärgeyi, Oromo: Harargee, Somali: Xararge) was a province of eastern Ethiopia with its capital in Harar.

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Hararghe (Amharic: ሐረርጌ Harärge; Harari: ሀረርጌይ Harärgeyi, Oromo: Harargee, Somali: Xararge) was a province of eastern Ethiopia with its capital in Harar...

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West Hararghe Zone

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Hararge (Oromo: Hararghe Dhiha) is a zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. West Hararghe takes its name from the former province of Hararghe. West Harerge...

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Egyptian invasion of the Eastern Horn of Africa

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The Egyptian invasion of the Eastern Horn of Africa namely Hararghe and western Somaliland was part of a conflict between the Sultan of Aussa, Oromo, Somali...

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East Hararghe Zone

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East Hararghe (Oromo: Harargee Bahaa) is a zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. East Hararghe Zone is bordered on the southwest by Bale, on the west...

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Zone in its centre and the Harari Region as an enclave surrounded by East Hararghe in its east. In August 2013, the Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency projected...

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List of districts in the Oromia Region

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Finfinne) Bila Seyo (East Welega Zone) Boji (West Welega Zone) Chiro (West Hararghe Zone) Dale Lalo (Kelem Welega Zone) Diga Leka (East Welega Zone) Dodotafi...

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two major subgroups of the Oromo people. They live in the West Hararghe Zone, East Hararghe Zone, Arsi zone, of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia while the other...

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Sultanate of Dawaro

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the 10th century by the Jarso people, sub-clan of the Dir, centred in Hararghe.[failed verification] The founder of Dawaro Sultanate was the Somali Jarso...

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territory comprising the eastern portion of Ethiopia formerly part of the Hararghe province. The other two names are the Haud and Reserved area. The origin...

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Amhara genocide

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District, or County Oromia, Hararghe and Western Shewa Wollega: East Wollega, West Wollega, Horo Gudru, Kelem East Hararghe: Gelemso, Anchar, Daro Lebu...

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Bale Zone

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northeast by the Shebelle River which separates it from West Hararghe Zone and East Hararghe Zone, and on the east by the Somali Region. The highest point...

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Ethiopian Empire

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Selassie by the Derg. By 1896, the Empire incorporated other regions such as Hararghe, Gurage and Wolayita, and saw its largest expansion with the federation...

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Awaday (Oromo: Awwadaay) is a town located in the East Hararghe Zone of the Oromia, Ethiopia. Awaday is the world's biggest market and exporter of the...

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List of zones of Ethiopia

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Dire-Teyara Woreda East Arsi West Arsi East Bale West Bale Borana East Hararghe East Shewa East Welega East Guji West Guji Horo Guduru Welega Illu ababora...

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Ejersa Goro

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town in eastern Ethiopia. Located outside the city of Harar in the East Hararghe Zone of the Oromia Region, it has a latitude and longitude of 9°29′N 42°14′E...

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Harari Region

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region. The region was created by splitting the Hundane woreda from East Hararghe Zone. As a result, Harari Region is enclaved by Oromia. Based on the 2007...

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List of Oromo subgroups and clans

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Sherifa, who live between the Awash River, Dire Dawa, West Hararghe Zone, Gelemso and East Hararghe Zone Deder Babile, Gursum and Harar. Nicolas, Andrea (2007)...

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Jawar Mohammed

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Mohammed was born on 12 May 1986 in the Dhumuga, Arsi Province bordering Hararghe. His father was Arsi Oromo, of Muslim faith, while his mother was Tulama...

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Oromo people

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Dawaro. Sihabudin also mentioned that the Werra Qallo, who now inhabit Hararghe, were living in Dawaro long before the Oromo migration. Historical evidence...

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Abdirahman Eid Daahir

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Assumed office 10 March 2021 Personal details Born 1985 (age 37–38) Jigjiga, Hararghe Province, Ethiopian Empire (now Somali Region, Ethiopia) Political party...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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Gojjam Wollo Shewa (Shoa) Gamu-Gofa Illubabor Kaffa Sidamo Tigray Welega Hararghe Arsi Bale was created as a 13th province when it was split off from Harrarghe...

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Makonnen Wolde Mikael

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Province, Ethiopian Empire Died 21 March 1906(1906-03-21) (aged 53) Kulubi, Hararghe, Ethiopian Empire Nationality  Ethiopian Spouse Yeshimebet Ali Children...

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Sultanate of Aussa

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remaining part of Ethiopia; they had been divided amongst the provinces of Hararghe, Shewa, Tigray, and Wollo. In 1961, when it was clear the Eritrean federal...

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Cinaaksan, lit.  "near the hole") is a town located in Chinaksen woreda, East Hararghe Zone of the eastern Oromia Region, Ethiopia. This city has a latitude and...

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