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Wayuu people information

Wayúu people, courtship dance (baile de cortejo)
Total population
approx. 413,437 in Venezuela (2011 Census)[1]
approx. 380,460 in Colombia (2018 Census)[2]
Regions with significant populations
La Península Guajira
Wayuu people Colombia and Wayuu people Venezuela
Wayuu, Spanish
Traditional, Roman Catholicism (mixed)
Related ethnic groups
Arawak group

The Wayuu (also Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro) are an Amerindian ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayuu language is part of the Maipuran (Arawak) language family.

  1. ^ "XIV Censo Nacional de Población y Vivienda, 2011". Instituto Nacional de Estadística(INE).

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Wayuu people

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The Wayuu (also Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro) are an Amerindian ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost Colombia and northwest Venezuela...

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Wayuu language

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Wayuu (Wayuu: Wayuunaiki [waˈjuːnaiki]), or Guajiro, is a major Arawakan language spoken by 400,000 indigenous Wayuu people in northwestern Venezuela...

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Warao people

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population of 49,271 people in Venezuela during the 2011 census, they were the second largest indigenous group after the Wayuu people. They speak an agglutinative...

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List of ethnic religions

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Teotihuacan) Totonac religion (Totonac people) Powhatan religion (Powhatan people) Wayuu religion (Wayuu people) Yupik religion (Yupik of Alaska and Eastern...

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La Guajira Desert

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a zone known as El Cerrejón. It is also home to the indigenous Wayuu people. The Wayuu are mostly herders but also master deep-sea divers, known for collecting...

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La Guajira Department

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settlement as the village of Riohacha, as a result of constant attacks by the Wayuu people. In 1544, it was moved to the site of the present-day city. In 1871,...

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Indigenous peoples of the Americas

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groups are the Ye'kuana, the Wayuu, the Kali'na, the Ya̧nomamö, the Pemon, and the Warao. The most advanced Indigenous peoples to have lived within the boundaries...

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Indigenous peoples in Colombia

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peoples of Colombia. UNESCO report on education of indigenous peoples in Colombia (in Spanish) Ethnic groups of Colombia Documentary about the Wayuu Indigenous...

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of Costa Rica; the Naso and Kuna people of Panama; the Kogi, Wayuu and Carib of South America; the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia and Negeri...

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Lido Pimienta

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Pimienta. Pimienta identifies as queer. She is of mixed Afro-Colombian and Wayuu descent. She is a single parent. Color (2010) La Papessa (2016) Miss Colombia...

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38628 Huya

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March 2000. It is named after Juyá, the mythological rain god of the Wayuu people native to South America. Huya's surface is moderately red in color due...

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Maicao (Wayuu: mai-ka-u) is a city and municipality in the Department of La Guajira, northern Republic of Colombia. It is located 76 km from Riohacha...

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Genetic history of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas

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populations. C-M217 is found among the Wayuu people of Colombia and Venezuela. Listed here are notable Indigenous peoples of the Americas by human Y-chromosome...

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Punta Gallinas

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northeast of Riohacha. The area has been populated by the indigenous Wayuu people for a long time. The headland is also the location of the northernmost...

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live streaming service in China Huya (mythology), the rain god of the Wayuu people of Venezuela and Colombia Huya (noble), an Egyptian official during the...

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Province of Tierra Firme

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Kalinago Emberá people Guna people Wayuu people Zenú Ngäbe people...

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Indigenous peoples in Venezuela

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Zulia. The most numerous indigenous people, at about 200,000, is the Venezuelan part of the Wayuu (or Guajiro) people who primarily live in Zulia between...

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Allobates wayuu

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locality in the Macuira National Natural Park. The specific name wayuu refers to Wayuu people, an ethnic group from the extreme north of Colombia. Males measure...

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Colombian Americans

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portal Colombians German Colombian Indigenous peoples of Colombia Indigenous peoples of America Wayuu people American Colombians Italian Colombian Lebanese...

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Viceroyalty of New Granada

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territory of Colombia, the Wayuu were unique in having learned the use of firearms and horses. In 1769 the Spanish took 22 Wayuus captive, in order to put...

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