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Masjid an-Nabawi Calligraphy of Ali's name
Native name
عَلِيّ بْن أَبِي طَالِب
Birth nameAli ibn Abi Talib
Bornc. 599
Mecca, Hejaz, Arabia
Died28 January 661 (21 Ramadan AH 40) (aged c.  61)
Kufa, Rashidun Caliphate
Grand Mosque of Kufa
AllegianceMuslims, Caliphate
  • Fatima bint Muhammad
  • Umama bint Abi al-As
  • Fatima bint Huzam
  • Asma bint Umais
  • Khawla al-Hanafiyya
  • Layla bint Mas'ud
  • Al-Sahba bint Rabi'a
  • Umm Sa'id bint Urwa
  • Muhayya bint Imru al-Qays
ChildrenChildren of Ali

Ali ibn Abi Talib took part in all the battles of the Islamic prophet Muhammad's time, except the Expedition of Tabuk, as standard bearer. He also led parties of warriors on raids into enemy lands, and was an ambassador. Ali's fame grew with every battle that he was in, due to his courage, valour, and chivalry, as well as the fact that he single-handedly, destroyed many of Arabia's most famous and feared warriors. Muhammad acknowledged him as the greatest warrior of all time.[1]

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