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Marburg virus disease information

Marburg virus disease
Other namesMarburg hemorrhagic fever
Marburg virus.jpg
Transmission electron micrograph of Marburg virus
SpecialtyInfectious diseases Edit this on Wikidata
SymptomsFever, weakness, muscle pain[1]
Usual onset2-21 days after exposure[1]
Risk factorsDirect contact with bodily fluids of individuals infected with the virus[1]
Diagnostic methodBlood test[1]
Differential diagnosisEbola virus disease[1]
TreatmentThere is no treatment, only immediate supportive care[1]
Deaths24%-88% case fatality rate[2]

Marburg virus disease (MVD; formerly Marburg hemorrhagic fever) is a viral hemorrhagic fever in humans and primates caused by either of the two Marburgviruses: Marburg virus (MARV) and Ravn virus (RAVV).[3] Its clinical symptoms are very similar to those of Ebola virus disease (EVD).[1]

Egyptian fruit bats are believed to be the normal carrier in nature and Marburg virus RNA has been isolated from them.[4]

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