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1914 Fijian general election information

General elections were held in Fiji between 19 May and 20 June 1914.[1]

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1914 Fijian general election

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first Indo-Fijian member of the Legislative Council. Fiji Blue Book for the Year 1914, p85 1914 Fiji Legislative Council elections Fiji Elections 1917 Legislative...

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History of Fiji

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Bavadra, an ethnic Fijian who was nevertheless supported mostly by the Indo-Fijian community, won the general election and formed Fiji's first majority...

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Fiji (/ˈfiːdʒi/ (listen) FEE-jee, /fiːˈdʒiː/ fee-JEE,; Fijian: Viti, [ˈβitʃi]; Fiji Hindi: फ़िजी, Fijī), officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island...

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List of Fijians

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This list comprises Fijian citizens, and some foreigners associated with Fiji. For the sake of size, persons who could be listed under multiple categories...

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Legislative Council of Fiji

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first Chief Minister. When Fiji became independent on 10 October 1970, the Legislative Council was replaced by the Fijian Parliament. A grandfather clause...

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Safe seat

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the 1999 general election, although the indigenous seats were split between several parties, all 19 Indo-Fijian seats were won by the Fiji Labour Party...

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Fijian nationality law

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Fijian nationality law is regulated by the Fijian Constitution of 2013, as amended; the 2009 Citizenship of Fiji Act, and its revisions; and various British...

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William MacGregor

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brought about an amicable settlement. During his term MacGregor saw a general election where two political parties were returned in equal number. The premier...

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General Intelligence and Security Service

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national security. The history of Dutch intelligence can trace itself back to 1914 with the creation of the Generale Staf III (GS III) during the outbreak of...

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2022 United States Senate election in Utah

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contending that not doing so would split the anti-Lee vote in the general election. The motion was opposed by supporters of Kael Weston, the lone Democratic...

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Charles Wimbledon Thomas

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Northern constituency in the 1911 general election and was elected to the Legislative Council. In the 1914 elections he ran in the new Western seat, and...

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Event Cinemas

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stand-up comedy events. Within Fiji, Damodar Event Cinemas is a joint venture between Village Cinemas, and the Fijian-based Damodar Brothers, who operate...

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Timeline of World War I

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"Kriegserklärung [Declaration of War], Wiener Zeitung [Vienna Newspaper], July 28, 1914, Extraausgabe [Special Edition], Amtlicher Teil [Official Section], 19" (PDF)...

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recruiting 7,137 Islanders with 1270 or nearly 20% of these dying while in Fiji. Fijian registered ships involved in the trade at this stage included Winifred...

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June 1914

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playwright, author of the popular farce Charley's Aunt (b. 1848) General elections were held in Fiji. The German ocean liner SS Bismarck was launched at the Blohm...

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Constitutional monarchy

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half-Senate election to try to break the deadlock. When he sought the Governor-General's approval of the election, the Governor-General instead dismissed...

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History of Oceania

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deterred European sailors from going near Fijian waters, giving Fiji the name Cannibal Isles; as a result, Fiji remained unknown to the rest of the world...

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List of armed conflicts involving the United States

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Reservations First Fiji Expedition (1855) Part of the Fiji Expeditions Location: Fiji  United States Fiji U.S. victory Bloody Monday Election Riots of 1855...

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Boon Hui in October 2008. On 8 November 2012, the 81st General Assembly closed with the election of Deputy Central Director of the French Judicial Police...

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Military history of Oceania

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this was the Fijian chief Tanoa Visawaqa who, in the 1840s, used arms purchased from a Swedish mercenary to subdue most of Western Fiji. Tonga was also...

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History of Kiribati

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Fiji Islands in the 1940s where they now number some 5,000 and enjoy full Fijian citizenship. The Kiribati government has responded by including several...

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Retrieved 19 April 2018. "Is Fijian-style authoritarianism spreading?". Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 30 July 2015. "Fiji election renews semi-authoritarian...

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List of Indian members of the Indian Civil Service

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presidency Tragic death in palakkad age 25, Acting Head Assistant Collector, Malabar Abdullah Yusuf Ali 1894 1896 Resigned in 1914 Ranked seventh. Kanpur?...

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History of Nauru

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Fiji. University of London: Institute of Commonwealth Studies. p. 299, 309. "Question of the Trust Territory of Nauru" (PDF). United Nations General Assembly...

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List of members of the United Nations Security Council

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beginning with 1968. Each year the UN General Assembly elects five new members for a two-year term; these elections always begin in October of the year...

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