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Surroundings, or environs is an area around a given physical or geographical point or place. The exact definition depends on the field. Surroundings can also be used in geography (when it is more precisely known as vicinity, or vicinage) and mathematics, as well as philosophy, with the literal or metaphorically extended definition.

In thermodynamics, the term (and its synonym, environment) is used in a more restricted sense, meaning everything outside the thermodynamic system. Often, the simplifying assumptions are that energy and matter may move freely within the surroundings, and that the surroundings have a uniform composition.

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Surroundings, or environs is an area around a given physical or geographical point or place. The exact definition depends on the field. Surroundings can...

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Soft Surroundings

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Soft Surroundings is an American catalog chain specializing in women's clothing and bedding products. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, it currently has 44...

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Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings

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Japanese Homes and their Surroundings is a book by Edward S. Morse describing and illustrating the construction of Japanese homes. It was first published...

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Bigham on guitar and keyboards in 1989. The 1991 album The Reality of My Surroundings was a critical and commercial success, reaching #49 on the Billboard...

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Schokland and Surroundings UNESCO World Heritage Site The elevation of the former island is clearly visible Location Noordoostpolder, Netherlands Criteria...

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The Reality of My Surroundings

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The Reality of My Surroundings is the third studio album by the American rock band Fishbone, released on April 23, 1991 through Columbia Records. It was...

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Thermodynamic system

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thermodynamic system is a body of matter and/or radiation separate from its surroundings that can be studied using the laws of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic systems...

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List of North American metropolitan areas by population

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areas based on the concept of a single urban core and its immediate surroundings, as opposed to polycentric conurbations. These definitions vary from...

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of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings Environment (systems), the surroundings of a physical system that may interact with the system...

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Second law of thermodynamics

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increasing the entropy of the system's surroundings, that is, both the state of the system plus the state of its surroundings cannot be together, fully reversed...

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Historical drama

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defined them as films focusing on romance and relationships in sumptuous surroundings, contrasting them with other historical dramas believed to have more...

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Cologne Cathedral quarter

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events such as Carnival and pop concerts. The design of the cathedral surroundings has remained a challenge for urban planning. In medieval Cologne, buildings...

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Exothermic process

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thermodynamic process or reaction that releases energy from the system to its surroundings, usually in the form of heat, but also in a form of light (e.g. a spark...

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Motion detection

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change in the position of an object relative to its surroundings or a change in the surroundings relative to an object. It can be achieved by either mechanical...

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the substances involved. Some energy may be transferred between the surroundings and the reactants in the form of heat or light; thus the products of...

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reaction releases heat to the surroundings; in the case of endothermic reactions, the reaction absorbs heat from the surroundings. Chemical reactions are invariably...

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Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings

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Bright Surroundings Dark Beginnings is a live performance album by American experimental rock band Sun City Girls, released in 1993 by Majora Records....

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Rudolf Clausius generalized this picture to include the concept of the surroundings and began to use the term working body when referring to the system....

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Isothermal process

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contrast, an adiabatic process is where a system exchanges no heat with its surroundings (Q = 0). Simply, we can say that in an isothermal process T = constant...

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International orange

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color used in the aerospace industry to set objects apart from their surroundings, similar to safety orange, but deeper and with a more reddish tone. There...

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List of dialling codes in Italy

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dialing codes used in Italy 010 – City of Genoa and surroundings 011 – City of Turin and surroundings 0122 – Metropolitan City of Turin – Susa Valley area...

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earthen-hued brown, marmots vary in fur coloration based roughly on their surroundings. Species in more open habitat are more likely to have a paler color,...

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First law of thermodynamics

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machines of the first kind are impossible; work done by a system on its surroundings requires that the system's internal energy be consumed, so that the amount...

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Laws of thermodynamics

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its surroundings. (Note, an alternate sign convention, not used in this article, is to define W as the work done on the system by its surroundings): Δ...

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Environmental portrait

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life and surroundings. The term is most frequently used of a genre of photography. By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, it is thought...

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