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List of contemporary Islamic scholars information

Modern-era (20th to 21st century) Islamic scholars include the following, referring to religious authorities whose publications or statements are accepted as pronouncements on religion by their respective communities and adherents.

Geographical categories have been created based on commonalities in culture and across the Islamic World.

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List of contemporary Islamic scholars

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Islam Islamic studies by author (non-Muslim or academic) Islamic studies List of Muslim comparative theologians List of female Islamic scholars List of...

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Lists of Islamic scholars

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Lists of Islamic scholars include: List of contemporary Islamic scholars List of female Islamic scholars List of Muslim historians List of Islamic jurists...

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Muslim scholarship

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Islamic Golden Age Science in the medieval Islamic world Islamic religious sciences Islamic scholars or ulama List of contemporary Islamic scholars List...

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Contemporary Islamic philosophy

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Contemporary Islamic philosophy revives some of the trends of medieval Islamic philosophy, notably the tension between Mutazilite and Asharite views of...

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Islamic sciences

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teachings". These are known as "undesirable" (madhmum). List of contemporary Islamic scholars Ulama Islamic advice literature Gilliot et al. 1960–2007. On the...

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Lists of Muslims

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Lists of notable Muslims include: List of contemporary Islamic scholars List of female Islamic scholars List of Muslim historians List of Islamic jurists...

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List of inventions in the medieval Islamic world

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list of inventions made in the medieval Islamic world, especially during the Islamic Golden Age, as well as in later states of the Age of the Islamic...

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ulema, are scholars of Islamic doctrine and law. They are considered the guardians, transmitters, and interpreters of religious knowledge in Islam. "Ulama"...

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List of Hanafis

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the list of notable religious personalities who followed the Hanafi Islamic maddhab followed by a subsection featuring contemporary Hanafi scholars, in...

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List of Christian scientists and scholars of the medieval Islamic world

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a list of Christian scientists and scholars from the Muslim world and Spain (Al-Andalus) who lived during medieval Islam up until the beginning of the...

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List of modern Sufi scholars

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This article is a List of modern Sufi scholars. The Sufis in the list were known in the 20th century or later. They are grouped geographically. Abdallah...

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Islamic studies

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academic Islamic studies programs include the historical study of Islam, Islamic civilization, history of the Muslim world, historiography, Islamic law, Islamic...

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Salafi movement

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rule by Sharia (Islamic law), in consultation with the ulema (Islamic scholars). Ibn Taymiyya asserted that only Allah was worthy of worship, and that...

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Islamic modernism

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light of the modern context." It was one of several Islamic movements—including Islamic secularism, Islamism, and Salafism—that emerged in the middle of the...

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Islamic views on sin

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for sin are used in the Islamic tradition. According to A. J. Wensinck's entry on the topic in the Encyclopedia of Islam, Islamic terms for sin include...

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Islamic views on evolution

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there is monkey'. Contemporary Islamic scholars Ghulam Ahmed Pervez, Edip Yüksel, and T. O. Shanavas in his book, Islamic Theory of Evolution: the Missing...

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Antisemitism in Islam

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Scholars have studied and debated Muslim attitudes towards Jews, as well as the treatment of Jews in Islamic thought and societies throughout the history...

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Islamic philosophy

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Age of Islam. The death of Averroes effectively marked the end of a particular discipline of Islamic philosophy usually called the Peripatetic Islamic school...

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the development of the combative spirit they believe is required to rid the Islamic world of Western influences". Contemporary Islamic fundamentalists...

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List of fatwas

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al-Islam of the ulema (learned scholars) issued a fatwa that printing was haram (forbidden). As a result, Ottoman Sultan Selim I issued a decree of a death...

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Yasir Qadhi

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American theologian and Islamic scholar. He is dean of The Islamic Seminary of America and resident scholar of the East Plano Islamic Center in Plano, Texas...

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Darul Huda Islamic University

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Zahrawiyya Program Darul Huda Islamic University Assam off campus National Institute For Islamic and Contemporary Studies Quvvathul Islam Arabic (QIA) College...

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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

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philosopher, educationist, and a scholar of Islam. He is also the founding President of Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences and its sister organisation...

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Islamic religious leaders

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Arabic: علماء ʿUlamāʾ, singular عالِم Scholar) religious sciences. In its narrow sense it refers to scholars of Islamic Jurisprudence. In the broader sense...

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Islamic eschatology

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Islamic eschatology (Arabic: عِلْم آخر الزمان في الإسلام, ‘ilm ākhir az-zamān fī al-islām) is a field of study in Islam concerning future events that...

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Principles of Islamic jurisprudence

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أصول الفقه, lit. roots of fiqh) or Principles of Islamic jurisprudence are traditional methodological principles used in Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) for...

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Ibn Kathir

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c. 1300–1373), known simply as Ibn Kathir, was an Arab Islamic exegete, historian and scholar. An expert on tafsir (Qur'anic exegesis), tarikh (history)...

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circles of Ahl al-Hadith, an early Islamic religious movement that rejected the formulation of Islamic doctrine derived from rationalistic Islamic theology...

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Islamic military jurisprudence

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Islamic military jurisprudence refers to what has been accepted in Sharia (Islamic law) and Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) by Ulama (Islamic scholars) as...

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