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Lasta (Amharic: ላስታ lāstā) is a historic district in northern Ethiopia. It is the district in which Lalibela is situated, the former capital of Ethiopia during the Zagwe dynasty and home to 11 medieval rock-hewn churches. Its original name in the Middle Ages was Begwena.

According to G.W.B. Huntingford, Lasta is first mentioned in the fourteenth century, although it obviously had been inhabited long before that.[1] In the 18th century the Czech Franciscan Remedius Prutky listed Lasta as one of the 22 provinces of Ethiopia still subject to the Emperor, but singled Lasta out as one of the six he considered "large and truly deserving of the name of kingdom."[2] Its neighbor to the west was Begemder, and to the north, Wag.

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  2. ^ J.H. Arrowsmith-Brown (trans.), Prutky's Travels in Ethiopia and other Countries with notes by Richard Pankhurst (London: Hakluyt Society, 1991), p. 131

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Lasta (Amharic: ላስታ lāstā) is a historic district in northern Ethiopia. It is the district in which Lalibela is situated, the former capital of Ethiopia...

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Lasta (Serbian: Ласта, full legal name: Saobraćajno preduzeće Lasta a.d. Beograd) is a Serbian bus company headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. It is part...

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Zagwe dynasty

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northern parts of Ethiopia and Eritrea, after the historical name of the Lasta province. Centered at Lalibela, it ruled large parts of the territory from...

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Sven Lasta (18 April 1925 – 15 August 1996) was a Croatian television and film actor. Sven Lasta at IMDb v t e...

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Tekle Giyorgis II

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self-propelled howitzer, Lazar and Miloš multi-role armoured vehicles, Lasta 95 light trainer aircraft, Pegaz drone, and Premax 39 river patrol boat...

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(Amharic: ላሊበላ) is a town in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Located in the Lasta district and North Wollo Zone, it is a tourist site for its famous rock-cut...

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which he had constructed and excavated in his lifetime, including those in Lasta. His visit to southern region of Shewa was documented in the book known...

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migrated to the Eritrean plateau from Lasta around the tenth or eleventh century when Queen Ben Hammawiya invaded the Lasta province from the south. They then...

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Horn of Africa

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Begemder Bugna Delanta Dembela Enderta Entitcho Gheralta Hamasien Haramat Lasta Mai-Tsade Tembien Tigray Tselemt Salowa Semada Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe)...

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depot and two bus terminals. It is the main hub for intercity bus line Lasta Beograd. It is operated by BAS Beogradska autobuska stanica a.d. A new station...

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2006), 64. Mormino and Possetta, The Immigrant World of Ybor City, 9. Lasta, Ybor City, 64, 74, 73. Mormino and Possetta, The Immigrant World of Ybor...

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Mara Takla Haymanot

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Haymanot". According to one tradition, Mara was born in the province of Lasta, which was his power base. Originally a general of Dil Na'od, whose daughter...

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Jules Verne

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October 2021. about that: Abel Montagut, Jules Verne kaj esperanto (la lasta romano), Beletra Almanako, number 5, June 2009, New York, pages 78-95. Delcourt...

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Susenyos I

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of Lasta made a successful raid out of their mountains into Susenyos' territory. When he attempted a second expedition against the rebels in Lasta, Susenyos...

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Ethiopian Empire

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that she was from the Sultanate of Showa and a daughter of the king of Lasta, situated in Bugna. The Italian scholar Carlo Conti Rossini described her...

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Transport in Belgrade

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saobraćajno preduzeće Beograd (GSP) – city-owned company Saobraćajno preduzeće Lasta Udruženje privatnih prevoznika (Association of private carriers) Arriva...

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Serbian Air Force and Air Defence

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Sailović Insignia Roundel Fin flash Flag Aircraft flown Attack J-22 Fighter MiG-29 Helicopter Mi-35, Mi-17, H145M Trainer Lasta 95, G-4 Transport An-26...

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Amhara people

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little or no autonomy, these provinces included Begemder, Gojjam, Wollo, Lasta, Shewa, Semien, Angot, and Fatagar. Evidence of a traceable Christian Axumite...

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(|buffer2| > 0) MergeInternal(array, lastA, [lastA.end, B_split), buffer2) else MergeInPlace(array, lastA, [lastA.end, B_split)) // update the range for...

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in Lasta, which had begun under his father, continued into his reign and for the rest of his reign he made regular punitive expeditions into Lasta. The...

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(constituent villages in brackets): Elati Kamenitsa (Kamenitsa, Karvouni) Lasta (Lasta, Agridaki) Magouliana (Magouliana, Pan) Nymfasia Pyrgaki (Pyrgaki, Methydrio)...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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include: Agame Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien Tembien Tigray Tselemt Tsegede[citation needed] Wag Wegera...

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Aeronautical Technical Institute

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the J-20 Kraguj, the G-2 Galeb, the G-4 Super Galeb, the J-22 Orao, the Lasta and the (cancelled) Novi Avion. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia and...

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Madingo Afework

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Afework. At the garrison, he was enticed to join the military band Zema Lastas. In 2005, he released his first album Ayderegim. After this album, Madingo...

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Haile Darge (1881–1956), Shewan nobleman, the son of Haile Wolde Kiros of Lasta and Tisseme Darge Keb Darge, Scottish DJ of the genres of Northern Soul...

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north by the Wag Hemra Zone, and on the east by the Lasta woreda. The main town is Ayne. The Lasta woreda, where Lalibela is, was split off from Bugna...

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Menelik II

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the north in force. He received the submission of the local officials in Lasta, Yejju, Gojjam, Wollo, and Begemder. Menelik II is argued to be the founder...

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Kullervon kaonneheksi, sanan virkkoi, noin nimesi: "Elkötte, etinen kansa, lasta kaltoin kasvatelko luona tuhman tuuittajan, vierahan väsyttelijän! Lapsi...

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Kassa Haile Darge

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Amhara nobleman, the son of Dejazmach Haile Wolde Kiros of Lasta, the ruling heir of Lasta's throne and younger brother of Emperor Tekle Giyorgis II,...

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