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Coordinates: 09°N 48°E / 9°N 48°E / 9; 48

Horn of Africa
Horn of Africa (orthographic projection).svg
4 sovereign states[1]
  • Horn of Africa Djibouti
  • Horn of Africa Eritrea
  • Horn of Africa Ethiopia
  • Horn of Africa Somalia
1 de facto state with limited recognition[2]
  • Horn of Africa Somaliland
Population140,683,144 (2020 est.)
Area1,882,757 km2

The Horn of Africa (HoA), also known as the Somali Peninsula,[3][4][5] is a large peninsula and geopolitical region in East Africa.[6] Located on the easternmost part of the African mainland, it is the fourth largest peninsula in the world. It is composed of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti; broader definitions also include parts or all of Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda.[7] The term Greater Horn Region (GHR) can additionally include Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.[8] It lies along the southern boundary of the Red Sea and extends hundreds of kilometres into the Guardafui Channel, Gulf of Aden, and Indian Ocean and shares a maritime border with the Arabian Peninsula of Western Asia.[9][better source needed]

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