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  • دمياط
  • ⲧⲁⲙⲓⲁϯ
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the Old Bridge, Maeini Mosque entrance, Damietta Cornich, Maeini Mosque dome, fishing in Damietta.
Flag of Damietta
Official seal of Damietta
Damietta is located in Egypt
Location of Damietta within Egypt
Coordinates: 31°25′00″N 31°49′17″E / 31.41667°N 31.82139°E / 31.41667; 31.82139
 • City3.53 km2 (1.36 sq mi)
16 m (52 ft)
 • City305,920
 • Density87,000/km2 (220,000/sq mi)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
Area code(+20) 57
Damietta's Corniche along the Nile.
Amr ibn al-A'as Mosque (al-Fateh)
Capture of Damietta by Frisian crusaders.
A 1911 postcard: the City of Damietta on the Nile.

Damietta (Egyptian Arabic: دمياط Dumyāṭ [domˈjɑːtˤ]; Coptic: ⲧⲁⲙⲓⲁϯ, romanized: Tamiati) is a port city and the capital of the Damietta Governorate in Egypt. It is located at the Damietta branch, an eastern distributary of the Nile Delta, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the Mediterranean Sea, about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Cairo. It was a Catholic bishopric and is a multiple titular see. It is also a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

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Damietta (Egyptian Arabic: دمياط Dumyāṭ [domˈjɑːtˤ]; Coptic: ⲧⲁⲙⲓⲁϯ, romanized: Tamiati) is a port city and the capital of the Damietta Governorate in...

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Damietta Governorate

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Damietta Governorate (Arabic: محافظة دمياط Muḥafazat Dumyāṭ [moˈħɑfzet domˈjɑːtˤ]) is one of the 27 governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northeastern...

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Fifth Crusade

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1215, did not participate as promised. Following the successful siege of Damietta in 1218–1219, the Crusaders occupied the port for two years. Al-Kamil,...

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New Damietta

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New Damietta (Arabic: قسم مدينة دمياط الجديدة) is a city in the Damietta Governorate, Egypt. The city is located north of Old Damietta and lies on the...

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Damietta SC

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Damietta Sporting Club (Arabic: نادي دمياط للألعاب الرياضية), is an Egyptian football club based in Damietta, Egypt. The club is currently playing in the...

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Damietta Port

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31.76806°E / 31.46694; 31.76806 Egypt's Damietta Port is located 10 km west of the Nile river of Damietta branch westward Ras El-Bar, 70 km to the west...

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Damietta University

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Damietta University was founded in 2012 in Damietta city in Egypt (Arabic: دمياط Dumyāṭ). The Faculty of Education opened for the academic year 1976-77...

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Crusader invasions of Egypt

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way, despite several sackings. A combined Byzantine–Crusader siege of Damietta failed in 1169, the same year that Saladin took power in Egypt as vizier...

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commanders began the planning to attack the Egyptian port of Damietta. The fortifications of Damietta were impressive, and included the Burj al-Silsilah – the...

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The Damiaatjes (English: Little Damiettas) refer to two bells in the St. Bavochurch of Haarlem that ring every night between nine and nine thirty, to...

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Battle of Damietta

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Battle of Damietta, Sack of Damietta or Siege of Damietta may refer to: Sack of Damietta (853), a part of the Arab–Byzantine wars Siege of Damietta (1169)...

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Seventh Crusade

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evacuate Damietta due to lack of food. She knew that Damietta could not hold without the Italians and she summoned their leaders. If Damietta were to be...

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Battle of Baltim

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Battle of Baltim (also Battle of Damietta, Battle of Baltim–Damietta, Battle of Damietta–Baltim or Battle of Damietta – El Burelos) was fought between...

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List of cities and towns in Egypt

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El Sab Borg El Arab Borg El Burullus Bush Cairo Dahab Dairut Damanhur Damietta Dar El Salam Daraw Deir Mawas Dekernes Dendera Desouk Diarb Negm Dishna...

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Jerusalem. Meanwhile, a German contingent under Louis I of Bavaria arrives at Damietta, with orders from Frederick II not to launch an attack on Cairo until the...

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Nile Delta

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into sections, with the Nile dividing into two main distributaries, the Damietta and the Rosetta, flowing into the Mediterranean at port cities with the...

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SEGAS LNG is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) complex in Damietta, Egypt. It is located 60 kilometres (37 mi) west of Port Said. The name SEGAS comes from...

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First Crusade

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Fifth Crusade 2nd Damietta 1st Fariskur 1st Mansurah Sixth Crusade and aftermath Gaza 3rd Jerusalem La Forbie Seventh Crusade 3rd Damietta 2nd Mansurah 2nd...

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Kingdom of Jerusalem

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large Byzantine fleet of some 300 ships to assist Amalric, and the town of Damietta was placed under siege. However, the Byzantine fleet sailed with enough...

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Louis IX of France

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or 5 June 1249 and began their campaign with the capture of the port of Damietta. This attack caused some disruption in the Muslim Ayyubid empire, especially...

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Subdivisions of Egypt

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Burullus (m) Dahab (k) Dairut (m) Damanhur (k) Damanhur (m) Damietta (m) Damietta 1 (k) Damietta 2 (k) Dar El Salam (m) Daraw (m) Deir Mawas (m) Dekernes...

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Abbasid Caliphate

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resounding victory in the Sack of Amorium. The Byzantines responded by sacking Damietta in Egypt, and Al-Mutawakkil responded by sending his troops into Anatolia...

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