Why Zoom Meeting no Sound?

If you can’t hear other participants in a Zoom meeting, it’s possible that you’re not connected to a good audio system. If this is the case, you can check the speaker settings on your phone. First, tap the speaker icon on the screen to turn the audio on. If that doesn’t work, try turning off Bluetooth on your device. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, try turning on the speaker manually.

If the problem persists, you may want to consider switching your audio device. If you use a headset with a microphone, you can plug the mic into that. Make sure you enable it, so you can hear everyone in the meeting. Another possibility is that the host accidentally muted everyone. To fix this, you should send the host a chat message and ask them to unmute everyone else. Alternatively, you may try connecting your audio device by selecting the Call Over Internet option in the meeting controls.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, try changing the settings on your audio device. If you’re using headphones, you can also try switching off your sound device and using headphones. If you’re using a PC, you can set the volume to high, medium, or low. You can also toggle Suppress Persistent Background Noise and Echo Cancellation to reduce background noise. If none of these steps help, check your audio device and try again.

In the meantime, you should try checking the audio preferences and settings on your PC. This may be the culprit. If the audio quality is still poor, you may need to turn off your microphone and speaker. However, you can also try plugging in a wired connection to your PC. The wired connection is likely to be more stable than the wireless one. If all else fails, you might want to try moving closer to your router.

If all of these steps fail to fix the issue, you might need to check the microphone on your device. In some cases, the microphone isn’t connected to Zoom. To check this, go to the settings menu on your device and toggle Auto-Connect to Audio. Another possible cause is that you have too many apps installed on your phone. Double-tap the Home button to shut down other applications. Try turning the volume on the microphone.

After checking your microphone settings, you can click the “test mic” icon in the audio panel. The audio player will play the recorded audio once it detects the sound. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try testing the microphone input using the microphone test button on the Zoom desktop client. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can also try changing the audio settings manually by tweaking the Input Volume. You can then restart your Zoom meeting to find the culprit.

If you can’t hear other participants in the call, you’re not connected to a Bluetooth audio device. Make sure you’re connected to your Zoom device. Then, expand the audio button in the Zoom app and choose the right microphone. If all else fails, you’re using a Bluetooth headset. If this doesn’t work, you might have an issue with the microphone. Try reconnecting it to your Bluetooth headset or other audio source.

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