What is Life?

What is Life? Life is any entity that exists and eventually dies, i.e. ceases to exist and does not proliferate.

Computers are completely non-existing because although they may recognize, they cannot produce offspring, and cannot grow genetically (reproduce). It’s not cognition that constitutes life: it’s rather maturation and proliferation towards a condition of death… but then again, aren’t all the genetic elements necessary for life? The answer is no, and yet the scientists have still come up with a completely bogus definition of life. In fact, the current definition they give us is so ridiculously false that it’s almost laughable:” LIFE IS A PART OF EVERYTHING”.

What is Life?
What is Life?

But wait… if we take the scientists’ current definition of life as being a set of random cellular viruses then we would have to concede that the concept of a “virus” is simply an oversimplified version of what we call an “instruction”. For example, when we say that a computer user runs Windows, we mean that each time she requests Windows install a program, it will first execute an instruction that says “run Windows”. But of course, there are no instructions to this instruction because no computer program has ever been programmed to do that before.

However, if we take their definition literally, then we have no reason whatsoever to think that the information on any computer ever went through any kind of replication process. For, even if this were true, there would still be thousands of different possible instruction sets for the Windows program… so how could the data on any two individual computers ever reach each other? And furthermore, where would such data come from in the case of the entire twentieth century? Would it have been randomly produced by a molecular biology technician working alone in a laboratory?

The actual information theory of life is the product of twenty years of scientific research. And the information theory of life is based on a twenty-year study involving a group of French scientists who were interested in studying life on other planets. These scientists realized that if they could take a piece of tissue from an alien body and put it into a Petri dish with a few terrestrial planets in our solar system, they would actually be able to look at the properties of that material. After looking at that piece of tissue for a few weeks, these scientists discovered that the alien material was indeed alive!

It then became necessary for these researchers to model the properties of the cells on the earth in order to have a starting point for the study of the molecular biology of life. After some further research it was discovered that the Earth’s cells, which make up the majority of the total biomass of the planet, are greatly influenced by the fossil fuel that we use to heat our planet, and the way we exploit the land. These cell membranes absorb the energy in the sun, which are absorbed by the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, and in turn produce a quantity of carbon dioxide that the plants in the forest can use to make food. However, since this process is extremely inefficient, there is a large surplus of carbon dioxide which is being taken out of the atmosphere by the rain. This has led to an imbalance in the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As part of the research that helped to answer the “what is life?” Question, many of these scientists discovered that this is indeed the case. If the planet was populated by intelligent beings, it would indeed be necessary for these beings to have a superior form of technology and to use that technology to colonize the earth and populate it with their own species.

Once the colonizers came to earth, it would be necessary to find some way to capture the carbon dioxide from the air and to purify the water to allow oxygen to flow back into the atmosphere. Then again, if they did not have an artificial intelligent computer system to help them with this task, they would need to use some kind of a primitive technology such as rocks, wood, charcoal, and the like, to do this job. All of these processes would need to be combined with advanced mathematics, chemistry, and physics calculations, in order to make sense of all the information that was now available. It would be close to impossible for an individual to understand this information, let alone for an artificial intelligent computer to do so.

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