What is Love Language?

What is Love Language? Is a self-published book by Gary Chapman, a psychologist who defines love and relationship styles. It outlines the five universal ways that all romantic partners communicate and experience love, which Chapman labels “love languages.”

The first love language is physical touch. In what ways do we physically communicate intimacy to our partner? We use touches, squeezes, petting and holding hands. Physical intimacy can be expressed with the eyes, mouth, shoulder, hand or arm. Next is affection; this is often called “cuddling” or “snuggling.” Lastly, verbal affection is expressed by talking, laughing, singing and sharing.

What is Love Language?
What is Love Language?

The second love language is an expression of affection through words. How do we verbally communicate feelings towards our partner? A typical expression of love includes saying “I love you” or “I feel so safe and loved.” Expression of love can also include gifts, giving a dance, spending time together or saying the words “I love you.”

The third love language is acts of service. This is commonly referred to as the giving of gifts or the provision of service. These actions are normally done without any expectation of return, such as when giving a gift to a family member or friend. In contrast, promises, contracts, formal agreements are typically associated with the fourth love language.

The fifth primary love language is expressions of caring. When two people are in a relationship, this is normally expressed in acts such as holding hands, hugging, cuddling and kissing. This allows us to be more connected, allows intimacy to develop, and offers the opportunity for sharing. It also allows communication to occur at a deeper level.

The sixth love language is gifts. Gifts are an expression of love. They can be used for special occasions or on a regular basis. When receiving a gift from our partner, it shows that they have really appreciated for who they are with us and that we are special to them. Relationship tips suggest that if you do receive a gift from your partner, that you don’t immediately buy them something because you will usually end up buying more anyway, and it allows the two of you to connect on a deeper level.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is only a basic outline of six types of relationships and their associated love languages. This is by no means a comprehensive look at the subject. However, it does offer some relationship tips and a framework that will allow you to think about your own relationships in an objective manner.

So what are these various love languages and how can you use them in your own relationships to enrich your experiences as a couple? Relationships experts suggest that one of the most important things that a couple can learn is how to listen to each other. Often, the first conversations that arise in a relationship come after the “I want to spend the next weekend together” text or phone call ends. By paying attention to the words that your partner uses, you will better understand the thoughts and emotions they are having. This will make it easier to know when and how you should step in to make a personal connection.

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