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WELO information

  • Tupelo, Mississippi
Broadcast areaTupelo, Mississippi
Frequency580 kHz
BrandingPulse 104.3 and 580 AM
FormatClassic soul
OwnerJmd, Inc.
Sister stations
First air date
May 15, 1941
Former call signs
WWPR (3/1987-9/1987)
Call sign meaning
W Tup ELO, MS[1]
Technical information
Facility ID58829
Power770 watts day
95 watts night
Transmitter coordinates
34°14′17″N 88°41′43″W / 34.23806°N 88.69528°W / 34.23806; -88.69528
Translator(s)104.3 W282AS (Saltillo)

WELO (580 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Classic soul format. Licensed to Tupelo, Mississippi, United States, the station serves the Tupelo area. The station is currently owned by Jmd, Inc.[2]

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  2. ^ "WELO Facility Record". United States Federal Communications Commission, audio division.

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