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Coordinates: 2°58.0′S 10°15′E / 2.9667°S 10.250°E / -2.9667; 10.250

Nyanga River
Nyanga River basin

The Nyanga River, 600 km, is a river that runs through southern Gabon and northern Republic of the Congo. It is the second most important river in Gabon after the Ogooue. It is well known for the numerous rapids that break up its otherwise smooth course.[1]

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Nyanga River

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The Nyanga River, 600 km, is a river that runs through southern Gabon and northern Republic of the Congo. It is the second most important river in Gabon...

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Nyanga may mean: Nyanga Province, of Gabon Nyanga, Gabon, a place in the province of Nyanga in Gabon Nyanga River, in Gabon and Congo Nyanga people, an...

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Moukalaba River

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The Moukalaba River is a river of Gabon. It is one of the tributaries of the Nyanga River. Lerique Jacques. 1983. Hydrographie-Hydrologie. in Geographie...

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Nyanga District

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Nyanga District is located in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe. The administrative center is Nyanga village. The 2012 National Zimbabwe census reported...

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Mount Nyangani

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Zimbabwe at 2,592 m (8,504 ft). The mountain is located within Nyanga National Park in Nyanga District, about 110 km (68 mi) North West of Mutare. The summit...

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Nyanga National Park

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Nyanga National Park lies in the north of Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands. One of the first national parks to be declared in the country, it contains the...

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List of rivers of the Republic of the Congo

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Ogooué River Ngounie River Ivindo River Djadie River Djoua River Aïna River Letili River Nyanga River Kouilou-Niari River Louésse River Chiloango River Congo...

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Phractura stiassny

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length of 11.5 cm. It is only known from a single specimen from the Nyanga River in Gabon. "Phractura stiassny • Amphiliidae • Cat-eLog". www.planetcatfish...

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List of rivers of Gabon

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Lekoni River Lekey River Lekabi River Lekedi River Lebombi River Mpassa River Baniaka River Letili River Nkomi River Nyanga River Moukalaba River Ganzi...

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Synodontis ngouniensis

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Republic of the Congo and Gabon, where it occurs in the Ngounié and upper Nyanga river basins. This species grows to a length of 19 centimetres (7.5 in) SL...

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Tchibanga is a city in the Nyanga Province of southern Gabon, situated on the Nyanga River. It has an estimated population of 24,000 (2008). The town...

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Gairezi River

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Manicaland Province. "Nyanga Rural District Council". Retrieved 15 February 2021. "The Gairezi River area, Nyanga". Patch's personal Blog...

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Atopodontus adriaensi

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Gabon where it occurs in rapids of the Ivindo, Okano, Ngounié and the Nyanga Rivers. This species grows to a length of 10.0 centimetres (3.9 in) SL. This...

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Eastern Highlands

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and heathlands. The highlands consist of three main mountain groups – The Nyanga, Bvumba, and Chimanimani mountains - and several smaller ranges. The mountains...

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Buissi people

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Republic of the Congo. Linguistically part of the Eshira, they live mostly in the upper basin of the Nyanga River.[citation needed] v t e v t e v t e...

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Honde Valley

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miles) from Mutare, or 110 kilometres (68 miles) from Nyanga. The Nyanga Mountains and the Nyanga National Park forms the western boundary of the valley...

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Rusape River

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Rusape River is a long inland water river stretching from the almost evergreen Nyanga regions to Save river. It is known to be usually flooded during summer...

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Mutarazi Falls

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495 hectare Mutarazi National Park adjacent to the southern border of the Nyanga National Park. At 772 meters (2,533 ft), it is the highest in Zimbabwe,...

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List of cities and towns in the Western Cape

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Langa Macassar Melkbosstrand Mfuleni Milnerton Mitchell's Plain Noordhoek Nyanga Observatory Parow Simon's Town Somerset West Strand Aurora Bitterfontein...

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Zulu traditional religion

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the deity of the blacksmiths; iNyanga the moon goddess associated with healers who are called IziNyanga, the word nyanga is a Zulu word for the moon; Sonzwaphi...

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Honde River

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of Pungwe Gorge at the Honde River valley just outside Nyanga National Park. Parts of the Honde in the southern Nyanga support lush vegetation, the closest...

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Balondo Civilization

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traced back to the early civilization along the banks of the Nyanga and Luapula rivers in the modern Democratic Republic of Congo. The local social structure...

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Manicaland Province

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with country's major tourist attractions, the likes of Mutarazi Falls, Nyanga National Park and Zimbabwe's top three highest peaks. The province is divided...

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Mwindo epic

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The Mwindo epic is an oral tale from the Congo told by the Nyanga people. The origins and creation of the Mwindo epic are mostly unknown since the story...

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1936. Apostolic Faith Mission Church – Nyanga Road Celebration Church – Nyanga Road Dutch Reformed Church – Nyanga Road Emmaus Zimbabwe (Catholic) – Unknown...

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Nianga (Nyanga) is a village in Kasai province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is around 65 kilometres (40 mi) north-west of Tshikapa, and...

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List of populated places in Zimbabwe

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Massi Kessi Mount Selinda Murambinda Mutambara Mutare (Provincial Town) Nyanga Nyanyadzi Nyazura Odzi Penhalonga Rusape Sakubva Sanyatwe Stapleford Tandaai...

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Pungwe River

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District in Zimbabwe. A small portion of the basin in Zimbabwe falls in Nyanga District. As of 2003, the basin's population in Mozambique is estimated...

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List of Cape Town suburbs

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Langa 7455 7456 Lavender Hill 7945 Manenberg Mitchells Plain 7785 7789 Nyanga 7750 7755 Ottery 7800 7808 Pelican Park 7941 Philippi 7750 Samora Machel...

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List of demigods

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son of Nzambi a Mpungu (according to some legends). Mwindo: demigod from Nyanga people. Ntikuma and his brothers: son of Anansi, spider god of Akan traditions...

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Pengbo River

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winters in the valleys of the Nyanga, Lhasa and Pengbo rivers and the middle reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo. The river basin contains 14,924 hectares...

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List of African mythological figures

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Mbenza Mboze Mbumba Moni-Mambu Mpulu Bunzi Ngonda Ntangu Na Ngutu God of river Nzadi Nzambici Nzambi a Mpungu Nzazi Nzumbi Simbi dia Maza Owuo Wulbari...

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Kuhane language

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Mbalang'we), is a Bantu language spoken by 35,000 people along the Zambezi River in Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. In Tswana it is known as Subiya (Supia...

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Cape Flats

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Matroosfontein Macassar Gugulethu Strandfontein Nyanga Philippi Lotus Kensington List of nature reserves in Cape Town Nyanga, Western Cape – Suburb of Cape Town,...

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Nannopetersius lamberti

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African tetra family, found in the African river basins of the Ntem, the Ogowe, the Nyanga and the Kouilou Rivers. This species reaches a length of 7.0 cm...

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Anglican Diocese of Cape Town

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Heideveld St Cyprian, Langa Church of the Reconciliation, Manenberg Holy Cross, Nyanga Archdeaconry of Rondebosch Christ the King, Claremont St Matthew, Claremont...

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List of national parks in Africa

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Mana Pools National Park Matobo National Park Matusadona National Park Nyanga National Park Victoria Falls National Park Zambezi National Park "Ahaggar...

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Somerset West

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West with Cape Town, Delft, Bellville, Khayelitsha, Lwandle, Macassar, Nyanga, Strand and Mitchell's Plain. Somerset West lies on the Strand rail branch...

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Synodontis punu

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Republic of the Congo and Gabon, where it is known from the Nyanga, Kouilou-Niari and Ngounié river basins. This species grows to a length of 5.5 centimetres...

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Mutasa District

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Mount Nyangani. The Honde Valley lies south of the Nyanga Mountains, and is drained by the Honde River, a tributary of the Pungwe. South of the Honde Valley...

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Sanaipei Tande

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Samaki Mkuu, Dinah Ndombi Fans". Retrieved 2021-02-17. Nyanga, Caroline. "Singer Sanaipei Tande releases new single". Standard Entertainment...

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pronounced "Zho" in these Central African names. There are both a hill and a river named Zhombe, sometimes spelled Jombe or Jombi. Coordinates: 18°32′2″S 29°3′37″E...

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Manyika tribe

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Manyica dialect varies from region to region in Manicaland. Those from Nyanga, Nyamaropa, Nyatate and surrounding regions have a different tone and shaping...

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List of nature deities

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forest, the animals within it and herbal healers iNyanga, Zulu, moon goddess Nomhoyi, Zulu, goddess of rivers Nomkhubulwane, Zulu, goddess mother of fertility...

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known for their natural environment, with tourist destinations such as Nyanga, Troutbeck, Chimanimani, Vumba and Chirinda Forest at Mount Selinda. About...

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Cecil Rhodes

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now forms the Rhodes Nyanga National Park. Rhodes's original farmhouse has been meticulously preserved and is now the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel. Housed in the...

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City of Cape Town

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Woodstock/Walmer Estate/Salt River MC (City of Cape Town) Town Councils Crossroads Town Council iKapa Town Council (Langa, Gugulethu and Nyanga) Lingelethu West Town...

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Western Cape

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Approximately 2000 black students from Western Cape townships, namely Langa, Nyanga and Gugulethu, matched the Cape Town central business district (CBD). Coloured...

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List of radio stations in Zimbabwe

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Beitbridge-Shashe CRT - Beitbridge Twasumbuka FM - Binga Nyangani FM - Nyanga Avuxeni FM - Chiredzi Chimanimani CRT - Chimanimani Vemuganga CRT - Chipinge...

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List of Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance

Last Update:

Les Rapides du Congo-Djoué 2,500 6,200 Libenga 59,409 146,800 Loubetsi-Nyanga 251,151.08 620,607.8 Sangha-Nouabalé-Ndoki 1,525,000 3,770,000 Site Ramsar...

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