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Mkhare (region)
From the top to bottom-right: Landscape of Guria, Bakhmaro, Shemokmedi Monastery, Kolkheti National Park, Bakhvistsqali River
Location of Guria
CountryGuria Georgia
Main CityOzurgeti
 • GovernorZurab Nasaraia
 • Total2,033 km2 (785 sq mi)
 • Total104,338
 • Density51/km2 (130/sq mi)
Gross Regional Product
 • Total₾ 1.04 billion (2022)
 • Per Capita₾ 9,934 (2022)
ISO 3166 codeGE-GU
HDI (2021)0.759[3]
high · 2nd

Guria (Georgian: გურია) is a region (mkhare) in Georgia, in the western part of the country, bordered by the eastern end of the Black Sea. The region has a population of 113,000 (2016),[4] with Ozurgeti as the regional capital.

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Guria (Georgian: გურია) is a region (mkhare) in Georgia, in the western part of the country, bordered by the eastern end of the Black Sea. The region...

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Principality of Guria

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Principality of Guria (Georgian: გურიის სამთავრო, romanized: guriis samtavro) was a historical state in Georgia. Centered on modern-day Guria, a southwestern...

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FC Guria is a Georgian association football club from Lanchkhuti, which competes in Liga 3, the third tier of the national league. Being one of the strongest...

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George of Guria may refer to: Giorgi I Gurieli (1483–1512), sovereign prince George III of Guria, prince of Guria in 1664–1684 George IV of Guria, prince...

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Gurian Republic

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community that existed between 1902 and 1906 in the western Georgian region of Guria (known at the time as the Ozurget Uyezd) in the Russian Empire. It rose...

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Vakhtang of Imereti. George III as prince of Guria. Mamia III as prince of Guria. George IV as prince of Guria. "Head of The Royal House of Georgia". royalhouseofgeorgia...

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George III of Guria

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III გურიელი; died 1684), of the Georgian House of Gurieli, was Prince of Guria from 1669 to 1684 and King of Imereti from 1681 to 1683. He was energetically...

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January 1714), of the western Georgian House of Gurieli, was Prince of Guria from 1689 to 1714. Involved in civil wars plaguing western Georgia, he became...

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(Georgian: მამათი) is a small village in Lanchkhuti Municipality, region Guria, western Georgia with the population of 254 (2014). Since the 2nd President...

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(Georgian: შეკვეთილი) is a village and sea resort in Ozurgeti Municipality, Guria, Georgia, located on the eastern Black Sea coast, at the mouth of the Natanebi...

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Georgian cuisine

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Turkish Baklava) and Shaqarlama (შაქარლამა - a biscuit). The cuisine of Guria is based mostly on poultry (especially chicken meat), corn-bread (Mchadi)...

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George IV of Guria

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Gurieli, was Prince of Guria from 1711 to 1726, and a king of Imereti in western Georgia in 1716. He was installed as regent of Guria by his father, Mamia...

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House of Gurieli

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family and a ruling dynasty (dukes) of the southwestern Georgian province of Guria, which was autonomous and later, for a few centuries, independent. A few...

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Nasakirali (Georgian: ნასაკირალი is a village in the Ozurgeti Municipality of Guria in western Georgia. On 20 October 1905, during the Russian Revolution, a...

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in the Ozurgeti Municipality of Guria in western Georgia Zeda Bakhvi, a village in the Ozurgeti Municipality of Guria in western Georgia Zeda Dzimiti...

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Representatives of the family were of the noble title Aznauri. Family name comes from Guria region. Individual branches were also well represented in Abkhazia and Adjara...

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Black Sea

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Imereti Principality of Abkhazia Principality of Svaneti Principality of Guria Principality of Mingrelia Kingdom of Kartli Kingdom of Kakheti Safavid Georgia...

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Honey bee

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A professional beekeeper from Guria inspects a well-developed jumbo frame hive....

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Demetre Gurieli

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the House of Gurieli, was Prince of Guria from 1658 to 1668 and King of Imereti from 1663 to 1664. His rule in Guria as well as in Imereti were result of...

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