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Eastern Europe
Digital rendering of Europe, focused over the continent's eastern portion

Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent. The term has a wide range of geopolitical, geographical, ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic connotations. Russia, a transcontinental country with around 23 per cent of its landmass in Eastern Europe, is the largest European country by area, spanning roughly 40 per cent of Europe's total landmass; it is also the most populous European country, with the majority of its citizens residing in its European portion and comprising over 15 per cent of the continent's population.[1][2]

Eastern Europe represents a significant part of European culture, with its main socio-cultural characteristics consisting of Slavic and Greek traditions as well as the influence of Eastern Christianity, historically developed through the post-split Eastern Roman Empire; and, to a lesser extent, Ottoman-era Turkish influence.[3][4] Another definition was created by the Cold War with Eastern Bloc communist states comprising Eastern Europe.[4][1][5][6][7][3][8][9]

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