Will PlayStation make another Handheld?

The PS5 is expected to launch this holiday and it is expected to be a huge hit, but there are rumors of another handheld console on the way. Sony is developing a 5G PlayStation Vita, and some of the major players at Sony have actively poured cold water on the idea of a sequel. But the company hasn’t completely shut down the possibility of creating a new handheld. This article will discuss the most likely options, and what it means for PlayStation fans.

The biggest question is whether PlayStation will produce a handheld version of the PS5. Sony recently announced that it would no longer sell a Handheld in 2019. Despite this, there is a strong possibility that the company will create a hybrid home console that would be more capable of portable gaming. The Nintendo Switch has dominated the market with over 100 million units since launch, and it may be time for Sony to enter the portable console space.

A new handheld could also be a good opportunity for Sony to build on the success of the Vita. If the PlayStation Vita succeeds, the company will have a solid foundation from which to build a dedicated portable game platform for the 2020s. Besides that, it’s possible to expect more games for the handheld system. And with the PlayStation Vita, Sony can improve its streaming service PlayStation Now to give it a serious competitive edge.

The Xbox One and PlayStation Switch are both expected to come out next. Sony has already announced plans to update the Switch in 2021. The upgraded console will support 4K graphics and a higher processing power. Then, the company could launch new games using this updated hardware. And Sony doesn’t need a handheld of their own. With the success of its other electronic brands, it’s hard to see the need for another console.

The PlayStation 5 is a hybrid home console, so it’s likely to be a handheld as well. It is expected to launch in the summer of 2023, and it could have a dual-core processor, so it’s a more powerful device. But if it’s still not, will the company make a new hand-held in the future? If it does, how can it keep up with the competition?

It has been reported that a successor to the PlayStation Portable would be coming in 2023, which is two years after the launch of the Playstation 5 Pro. The device will be a hybrid home console, which means it should have more power than the PS3. However, the PlayStation Switch’s price is more expensive than the PlayStation 5, but it will be more powerful. If it does come out, it could be a hybrid that competes with the Nintendo Switch, but it might not be available until late 2020.

A new handheld might be a great idea, but the market for portable gaming is still a highly competitive one. There are already many players looking for a portable PS4. But a handheld device is more expensive and more complicated than a home console. Nevertheless, it is still a viable option. When a successor is announced, it might be the next generation of Sony’s home consoles. This will be the company’s first handheld in three years.

A PlayStation portable should also feature internal NVMe storage, which is like the better tiers of a Steam Deck. The device should also support nonproprietary SD cards, which would keep it compatible with future games. Its internal storage would be an issue, and it could limit the portable’s compatibility with PS5. It would require an SSD that could provide enough space for games. Its internal memory is already enough to store the latest games.

Sony’s PSP is a great handheld, but it is a niche market. The PSP sold over 80 million units and was successful in the Japanese market. It hasn’t been a hit in other parts of the world, but it is a great place to start for a handheld. Its popularity has made it a popular gaming platform. So, Sony’s portable has an advantage over its competitors.

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