Why Covid-19 happen?

The mysterious COVID-19 pandemic has halted operations in China, quarantining its capital city, Wuhan, and cities near it. The quarantine affected 50 million people in Hubei province, and is slowly being lifted. The virus has also spread to the US, which now has 1,681,418 confirmed cases and 98,929 deaths. The country has imposed a national lockdown, with cinemas and theatres shut down and funerals banned.

Although the WHO has declared the outbreak a pandemic, a number of people have recovered from it. To date, over 2,288,965 people have recovered from the disease. Only 41% of those who had been confirmed as having the virus have had any further symptoms. The real number of coronavirus cases will probably be much higher. However, the WHO is concerned about the misuse of the word “pandemic,” which is often used to cause unnecessary fear and a false sense of defeat.

The outbreak has been devastating for the UK, with over 5,000 cases in one day on February 16. As of May 27, the Chinese government had confirmed that there had been 84,103 cases, resulting in 4,638 deaths. The outbreak was mostly imported from other countries, with the majority of the outbreak occurring in the province of Hubei. Since March, China has experienced a slowdown and has stopped imported cases, but there are still some cases.

The UK government declared the outbreak a pandemic and is monitoring the outbreak around the clock. It is deeply concerned about the severity of the infection, but has been reluctant to use the term “pandemic” for the virus because the wrong term can lead to excessive fear and acceptance that the fight is over. Moreover, misuse of a pandemic can lead to unnecessary suffering and death. This is the reason why the WHO has been careful to issue a statement about its intentions and the extent of the current situation.

In a nutshell, the outbreak has affected China the most, with over 5,000 cases in a single day in mid-February. The disease has spread to other countries, but most cases are imported from other countries. Because of this, the Chinese government has been slow to respond, focusing on the need to prevent the spread of the disease. And it is already ramping up its vaccination and testing efforts. If you’re thinking about getting vaccinated, the best way is to make sure that you are fully protected.

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected the entire world, with over two million people infected and nearly 37 thousand deaths reported. The outbreak has slowed down in China, but its impact is still far-reaching. Currently, the virus has weakened the immune system, and it’s been affecting children in the UK. The vaccine is still ineffective against the virus, but if you do get infected, you can still fight the disease by limiting exposure.

The first case of the disease was reported in Wuhan on January 1, 2011, where it spread outside the market. In addition, the outbreak has also affected the outside environment, with the virus spreading in other areas. Fortunately, the WHO Western Pacific office confirmed that the virus is spread from human to human, and the outbreak has since been largely contained. There were no deaths, but there were some reports of infected medical staff.

In early cases, people were exposed to the virus without being infected with the virus. The first two days of the outbreak lasted for about eight days. At the same time, the outbreak had spread outside the market. In the market, the virus spread to humans, which caused the outbreak. In addition to causing the illness, the virus also causes various health complications, including the death of more than 4,000 people. When it affects humans, the first step is to protect the population from the infection.

The WHO has declared the outbreak a pandemic. The virus has been detected in more than 200 countries, including the US, Brazil, and Russia. Despite the recent spread, the virus has been confined to Hubei and the WHO has been monitoring the outbreak for months. The US and other countries have also seen a significant decline in cases since March. But the situation in China remains worrying. Even in the West, it is important to keep an eye on the situation.

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