Who TikTok Star?

You’ve probably wondered, “Who’s the biggest TikTok star?” Some of the most famous creators are Gen Z kids. While most of these young stars do not have a large fan base, some have millions of followers. In fact, some have even gone on to make their careers as musicians and actors. Here are 40 of the most popular TikTok stars. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s a look at their popularity:

The Croes Brothers’ Gil Croes is another well-known TikTok star. He started making videos on TikTok in 2015, before his father made his first TV appearance in the Netflix series “Tiger King.” He has remained very active on the app and is a part of the group Team07. Recently, the site banned him for several months, but he was eventually reinstated and continued making videos. This is the most popular video account on the app, with over 123,000 followers.

Addison Rae – The second most popular TikTok star is 20-year-old Indian girl who has been posting since 2018. She started making videos on TikTok in the summer of 2019 and is the first Indian video uploader with over a million followers. She has also been a member of the influencer group Hype House, and hosts her own podcast with her mother. But who’s the most famous TikTok star?

Gil Croes – The half of the popular Croes brothers and a TikTok star, Gil Croes’ videos have gained popularity over the last few years. He was part of Team 07 when he was banned from the site in January 2019. He also recently returned to TikTok in early 2020, but he’s been posting since before. A tree branch struck her vehicle and killed her.

Nisha Guragain – The 20-year-old actress from India has become a TikTok star. Her videos often feature her family members and have garnered millions of views. Arishfa Khan – The third most popular Indian TikTok star is Arishfa Khan. As an actor, she is also a social media influencer and is one of the most famous TikTok stars.

The popular TikTok star is Rochelle Hager, a professional model and actress who has a huge following. Despite her young age, she has received over 1.2 million likes on her TikTok videos and has been sponsored by energy drink brand Moster Energy. In addition to her success on the app, Asanteewa also had a life outside of her TikTok.

Kay Verli – The 20-year-old singer and dancer who became famous on the video-sharing platform has been featured in several popular TikTok videos. She is a member of the Kardashian family and has been in many of her videos with her sister. She completed her primary education at Happy Home Basic School and later went on to attend Kasoa Pentecost School in her junior years. She later studied nursing at Offinso Nursing Training.

The most popular TikTok star in Ghana is Asantewaa. This teen created a viral video that caught the attention of the world. Although it’s impossible to predict the future of a TikTok star, the following 40 are currently the most popular. They all have millions of followers and continue to rise in popularity every day. If you want to stay up to date with the latest tikTok stars, check out our website.

Aside from her famous YouTube channel, Bella Poarch has been gaining a loyal following on her social media account. She has more than 1.2 million followers on her Instagram page. She has also made appearances on television. She has been featured in the NBC series He’s All That and has landed several TV shows and movies. In addition to her fame, she’s also the youngest star on the TikTok app.

In the U.S., Ava Majury is a rising TikTok star who has 1.4 million followers and 22 million fans on the social media website. Ava’s videos have become popular around the world. And she’s not the only one who’s earning big money on her social media account. Hundreds of other popular TikTok stars have a large fan base, including many celebrities.

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