Which Artificial Intelligence Companies to Invest in?

As an investor, you may be wondering which Artificial Intelligence Companies to invest in. The good news is, there are plenty of options available. Here are some of the best ones to invest in. As a start, you can try investing in companies that manufacture chips for the AI industry, such as Synopsys.

These companies are prime candidates for the rise in AI chips. Merantix, for example, calls this kind of value “exponential”: investors are likely to receive higher returns in the long run if they can successfully invest in these companies.

Before investing in a company, determine whether it has unique intellectual property (IP) or is targeting a niche market. A company with generic AI solutions is unlikely to stand out in the future. If it’s too easy for a larger company to copy their solution, it will not stand out in the market. Additionally, the company should possess domain knowledge in its industry. Finally, determine the size of the market. How large is the potential for growth and competitiveness? Once you have a clear picture, you can make an informed investment decision.

Although the market for AI products and services is highly fragmented, some large companies have carved out niches for themselves. IBM, for example, has a growing division dedicated to cognitive solutions, including Watson. In 2016, cognitive solutions contributed 22.5% of IBM’s revenues, and they are expected to contribute 30 percent by 2019.

The best AI stocks are pure plays in the AI sector, which means that they are stocks you can accumulate over time. Keep in mind that no one gets rich trading stock. Therefore, when investing in AI stocks, you need to spread your bets across different AI industries and applications. For example, Amazon is the most popular stock in artificial intelligence, and Alphabet is the parent company of Waymo, a driverless car company. Both of these companies are widely known for implementing AI into their products.

If you’re a newbie to artificial intelligence, you may want to check out Upstart. This artificial intelligence lending platform aims to increase access to affordable credit for consumers while reducing the risk for banks and partners. It uses advanced machine learning models to assess risk and approve more applicants than traditional credit score based lending models. Upstart’s stock price has seen incredible growth since going public, and has grown 900% in the past year.

AI is growing rapidly, and it is important to know which ones to invest in. The best AI providers have huge digital budgets, and plan to increase their investment in the field for the next three years. They also develop their AI solutions in-house and hire more AI related talent than their counterparts. They also tend to have a standardized AI platform. These companies are likely to attract VC funding and invest heavily in the technology.

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