Where did Covid-19 come from?

If you are unfamiliar with the world’s smallest city, then perhaps you should know what the name Covid-19 is all about. The name was given by a naturalist, Alfred Wallace Coventry. To give you a brief history, in the year 1820, the French mathematician, Antvelli, decided that the town of Covid in France, was too small to be of any importance to the kingdom.

In that year, the French military stationed at the gates of the city-state began constructing what is known as the Wall, in order to defend the city against an impending attack from England.

Where did Covid-19 come from?
Where did Covid-19 come from?

When this wall was built, there were no guardhouses to keep in watch on the night-time activities of the British soldiers. That’s when unknown bats living in the caves around the city began to carry the disease. The disease they carried along with them, killed many of the soldiers. But, the city has continued to flourish, and several new bat species have been spotted in the caves and abandoned mineshafts, which scientists believe to be the cause of the new strain of the SARS virus.

There have been several theories on the origin of the virus. One theory is that the virus came from bats. The SARS-coverage virus, which was a strain of bird flu, had spread through bird populations, and this was eventually picked up by humans. Another hypothesis is that the virus originated in China and was later imported into Vietnam. No one has conclusively discovered where the SARS virus came from, although there is proof that the disease has been present in China for quite some time now.

There have also been linked to SARS and the continued presence of SARS-coverage virus in bats. Some researchers have even suggested that the spread of the virus from bats to people could be one of the causes of why people get SARS. However, it is hard to get access to bats in China without making drastic changes to how the research is carried out, since the country’s safety laws prevent scientists from trying to get information from wild animals. It has also been proposed that the bat corpses that researchers find can be the cause of the contamination, but that still remains to be seen.

The problem is that the Sars-cov-2 virus that was responsible for causing the original outbreak has not been found in any of the bats in China. This would mean that the original outbreak was caused by a different strain of Sars-cov-2. There are no records or proof to prove this, yet. The lack of solid evidence to support the link between the virus and the origin of the Sars-co covid-19 virus has made for some scientists to suspect that the real culprits might be a novel virus that escaped from bats somewhere in Asia.

If the new virus turns out to be a novel strain, then it will turn out to be the same strain of Sars-cov-2 that was responsible for causing the original epidemic in China. This will mark the end of the age of the Chinese Sars-co covid-19 pandemic virus and open up the question of whether or not the world is prepared to deal with such a virus on a global scale. With the new coronavirus still proving to be a potent human health threat, the question is not so difficult to answer: “Are we ready?”

The first part of the answer to this question is that we are certainly ready. Since the first cases of Sars-cov-2 virus had been identified in China in 2019, there have been a number of researchers that have been hard at work trying to get a better understanding of this virus and its origins. One of the latest methods they use is genetic engineering. Using genetic coding from the Sars-cov-2 virus, they have been able to engineer a new virus that does not resemble the original at all. Because of this, they were able to alter the genetic pattern of the virus, rendering it unable to resist any of the antibiotics that it now comes against.

In other words, we don’t need another epidemic of Sars. The current one was caused by a bacteria called MSR-1, which we have had problems with ever since we started developing effective antiviral medications for treating all types of viruses. Therefore, we need to find out where does covid-19 come from before we can take steps towards stopping it from infecting more humans. It is likely that this virus will become a brand-new problem for us all, one that we will only be able to control with the help of expert geneticists working in the laboratories. Please see my article on Covid-19 for further details.

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