What is XRP?

What is XRP? It is short for X Quadra Platinum Investment Research; it is an investment vehicle developed by the XRP Network. XRP is an internet-based digital cash settlement platform, currency market and remittance system developed by ripple labs Inc., a venture capital firm based in new York.

The company’s founders had invested in the foreign currency market and were looking for a way to make their investments return a profit. They also wanted to develop a secure online money transfer system.

What is XRP?
What is XRP?

XRP works under the principle of asset transfer between two financial institutions that share a fixed supply. XRP works just like a stock in the stock market. When you buy some stocks from financial institutions, they pay you back with a percentage of the price you paid them. If you are holding an account at a bank, your financial institution will give you XRP in the form of checks you can cash out whenever you want.

If you think about how this would work in the Forex market, you could see a few benefits arising. Suppose you are bullish on a particular stock and you believe that its price is only going to go up. In order for you to be able to cash out at a profit, you need to be in the market to buy and sell transactions that allow you to take advantage of this bullish trend. You could see your profits increasing as you are able to execute more trades using the XRP tokens issued by the financial institutions you are tied with.

This is how it works. Institutions like banks issue XRP in the hope that individuals will hold onto their balances for a longer period of time. In order for you to be able to take advantage of this bull market, you need to be in the market to execute instant, secure and free transactions from any location. You also need to have instant access to liquidity so you can execute your orders instantly and without waiting for the five seconds allotted time between when you issue a trade order and the moment the transaction confirmations confirm. Once these five seconds is reached, the transaction is complete and you obtain your one hundred percent profit in your investment.

In order for you to make sure you execute all your transactions in the shortest amount of time, you need to have instant access to liquidity. The instant liquidity means instant confirmations and instant transactions. In order for you to be able to execute your orders immediately and secure the money you invested, you need to use XRP in place of currency in the same financial institutions you are linked with. To do this, you have to find digital currencies validators in the cryptosystem you are tied with.

Digital currencies validators are what make XRP a viable alternative to traditional currencies. By utilizing the same technology that underlies the Linux operating system, an XRP based protocol can easily inter communicate with the other currencies in the same system. The protocol has a specific model that provides a bridge for transactions to take place instantaneously and securely, so much so that all three major world governments have endorsed it. The open-source software also ensures that there is no double-spinning of monies, which is one of the biggest issues plaguing the open-source Linux platform.

There are three ways to validate XRP. The first is the cold-hard way, which is to go through the Linux kernel and locate each line of code that is associated with the transaction ledger. For each line, you will see the source code. After reading the source code, you will be able to determine which transaction is yours and which transaction you owe back. The second method of validating the XRP is to use a software program called a RCTPA or Red Colored Transaction Authenticator. The RCTPA will generate a code that you will need to enter into the transaction ledger to verify that you actually owe back someone else money.

Although many people view the recent past of currencies very negatively, the XRP will actually rise in value over the course of time. This is due to two main factors. One is the fact that the XRP that is being pumped by a given currency’s supply will cause the value of that currency to increase, and the second is that as more people begin to buy XRP they will also buy off other currencies. In the future, if the XRP fails to perform as it is expected to, this could cause the price of the other currencies to decrease. However, at this point in time, many investors are investing in XRP because it acts like a hedge against possible disasters in the recent past.

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