What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is a type of digital signature that serves as proof that the websites and online services that you are trying to access are authentic and safe. In computer-architecture, an SSL Certificate is a type of digital signature that is generally encrypted so that an unauthorized party will not be able to read the document.

In general, it can be defined as the verification that a website has been authorized by a third party. In internet banking, it acts as an authentication factor in between your personal account information and your bank’s account information.

What is SSL Certificate?
What is SSL Certificate?

In computer-architecture, an SSL Certificate is a special digital signature that is usually encrypted so that an unauthorized party will not be able to read the document. This prevents the possibility of impersonating someone else and stealing his or her sensitive information. An SSL Certificate provides authentication and trust in order to ensure that sensitive information provided by you is only sent to the intended recipient.

An SSL Certificate makes it easier for web users to browse securely. Before SSL Certificate was introduced, people had to rely on HTTP and TCP/IP security measures in order to validate websites and ensure their authenticity. Security was only validated through the response code and the method of connection. As time passed by and more improvements were made in the field of internet security, two other methods of securing information were introduced. One of these methods is called validation and the other is known as authentication.

Authentication is a technique that helps users ensure that they are communicating with the website they intend to connect to. It ensures that the website can be contacted only by the intended user and no other unauthorized users. Through an SSL Certificate, an unauthorized person will not be able to access sensitive information such as financial documents, personal identification information, and credit card numbers because through this, these things will be protected and validated by third-party authentication servers before sending it to the recipient.

Aside, from authentication, an SSL Certificate also offers privacy protection. Once a person obtains an SSL Certificate, an entire set of information about his or her computer, as well as the IP address, will become visible to anyone who obtains the information. This is because through SSL Certificates, private keys and digital signatures are employed to generate digital signatures that serve as verification and encryption keys that will only be seen by the owner of the private key. These digital signatures are completely safe and secure and ensures that sensitive information sent to a server will be protected and cannot be manipulated.

Aside from protecting private information, an SSL Certificate also helps in the prevention of identity theft and phishing. An online service which features SSL Certificate technology is usually regarded as more secure than a similar service which does not use this kind of technology. Once a person enters a website that features this kind of security, he or she is automatically asked for a security padlock icon, indicating that the private information being sent is encrypted and safe from any unauthorized parties. A padlock icon will not be featured on websites that do not feature SSL Certificates.

SSL certificates use a security protocol known as SSL or SSL. This type of security protocol can be compared with the TCP/IP protocols in that both of them use different methods to establish network connections. But unlike TCP/IP, SSL uses a more secure connection by generating SSL certificates and private keys before making any requests. The difference between the two is that the first one establishes a secure socket layer, while the latter establishes a transport layer that ensures the privacy of the data being sent.

The use of an SSL Certificate goes a long way in securing a website. With this type of security, you can be sure that your personal information is completely protected from any unauthorized parties. SSL certificates ensure that private information cannot be misused by anyone who is not entitled to it and at the same time it also ensures that all confidential data can be encrypted. To get free SSL certifications, you only need to contact secure websites that offer free SSL certificates.

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