What is Instagram?

What is Instagram? It is a new photo and video sharing website owned by the founder of Groupon, Kevin Systrom. In April 2010, Facebook purchased the service for about US$1.5 billion in stock and money. The company’s goal is to become the” Instagram of the Internet.” They are trying to make it so successful that they can sell it for a big amount.

The new feature that was just introduced is the “Instagram Stories.” This is a brand new feature for users of Instagram, on top of what they already have going on. For example, you can post new photos or videos for everyone to see. If you are on Instagram, you can open up the “Instagram Stories” tab, click on the camera icon, and take a snapshot or upload a new image or video.

What is Instagram?
What is Instagram?

This is one great reason to join Instagram; you will be able to connect with your friends at the click of a button. You can also make new friends and send them messages as well. You can also search for images or videos and find other people on Instagram. You can also use the “Instagram Search” feature, which is located at the top right corner of the Instagram interface. The search feature allows you to search for images, keywords, or even hashtags.

The newest Instagram function that has been introduced, is the Instinctive Camera. This is a new Instagram function that takes a picture of your Instagram images and will not load if you do not have one installed. If you already have an Instagram account, then this function will not take effect. Instinctive Camera will automatically load on your Instagram and take the picture that you want to use. This is great for those who have Instinctive or Curved Picture Views as a feature on their snapshots.

Instagram has recently launched Instagram search, which is located at the top right corner. Instagram search searches for hashtags, which is a way for Instagram users to find pictures based on keywords. You can also search for images based on a keyword, and if you are online while your Instagram is not open, you can continue to look through the search. The feature also allows you to view recent snaps on your Instagram account. If you already have an Instagram account, then it will add a new filter to your Instagram photos; it is called “Instagram Search”, and it also adds a new icon on your Instagram profile.

The final Instagram function that I am going to discuss, is the Instinctive Navigation. This is the main Instagram function and uses both the Instinctive Camera and the Insta Mood Swipe. The Insta Mood Swipe is basically a selection option on your main photo or video window that allows you to change the color of your frame. On the other hand, the Instinctive Camera option will allow you to select a picture or video and immediately change the background by changing the color of your frame. To use the Instinctive Navigation, you simply need to open either the Instagram search or the Insta Mood Swipe window, and then click the desired photo or video.

Now that you have learned all of the above, what is the best way to get the most from Instagram? There are many different ways to enhance your experience on Instagram, but the easiest one, which is free, is by using Instagram stories. Instagram stories are basically mini-profile pages where you can create a story about yourself. There are a wide variety of Instagram filters available, so you should easily be able to create different filters for your Instagram stories. All you need to do is open the story, scroll down to the bottom and select the filter that you want to add, and then click save. That’s all there is to it!

Apart from the basic functionality of the platform, Instagram has been used by many celebrities and popularised brands to promote their products and services. However, it was also recently announced that Facebook and Google had reached an agreement to allow Instagram users to see direct messages sent from their own Facebook pages. This means that the huge surge of users turning to Instagram for marketing purposes will no doubt continue in the future as businesses realise that they can easily take advantage of this medium. Instagram Stories will continue to grow, and offline copies will become even more popular once major companies begin to offer direct messages. Stay tuned!

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