What is Google News Showcase?

The new feature for publishers is called Google News Showcase. The showcase will surface on a participating publisher’s landing page. The feature features story panels and a Rundown panel, which give more context to articles. Millions of people view this feature each day. As of May 2018, Google claims to have received over 10 million clicks on full articles from the new news showcase. And according to the company, it has triggered 460,000 follow button taps.

The new product is now live in eight countries, including the US. The new feature lets you create a story panel and link each story to a news website. It uses auto affiliate links, which generate income for publishers. And it offers a better user experience than traditional news feeds. You can add video or audio to each story, which gives your readers even more context. Besides, readers can see the latest headlines from different sources.

News Showcase is designed to provide readers with more interesting and relevant content. The program gives participating publishers a fixed monthly fee for curating their articles. This will help enhance the reader experience by providing them with more relevant and timely content. It will also allow readers to discover new publications through the Google News Stand, a mobile app that lets users discover stories on news sites. So, why should you join the service? So that you can start creating valuable content and connect with your audience.

As of April 2018, Google News Showcase is live in eight countries: France, Germany, Brazil, and the UK. However, the service has yet to launch in Australia due to the media codes debate. Now, it’s available only in Germany. Its main function is to display news in a sliding panel. This feature highlights recent articles on your homepage. It also offers a “For You Feed” panel, which provides updates on local and national news.

The new feature allows participating publications to express their editorial voice. It is a new way to engage with the news. With Google News Showcase, readers can click on stories in their newsfeed to learn more about them. They’ll also be able to follow trending topics, which are incredibly helpful for marketers. When it comes to making money with your news, you can start by promoting your content on the platform.

Besides giving publishers more control over the articles they publish, News Showcase allows publishers to retain more control over their content. It makes it easier for news sites to discover and publish valuable content. It would also keep them from being pushed out of sight. This is a big step in protecting the integrity of the media landscape. Its launch would be a major milestone for many, and would allow the media to remain competitive in the online market.

A new feature is coming to Google’s news app. The new feature will allow publishers to curate their stories and share them with their followers. It’s a massive change for publishers, but the benefits are huge for users. It will give them more control of their content. The new feature is a big step forward for publishers. Not only will they be able to promote their products, but they will also be able to increase their traffic.

The new feature is a worldwide content licensing program that allows users to read and watch online news. It will also offer access to various online video websites. This feature will make reading and watching news easier for readers. The feature will be available on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The program will be available in English and other languages, as well as in mobile apps. The new platform is expected to help publishers increase their revenue and improve their content.

The new feature will allow publishers to showcase their most popular stories and articles. The feature is currently only available to users who follow them on Google. The new feature is intended to improve the relationship between publishers and Google. In turn, it will support the quality of news and support the growth of news in the US. It’s an effort to help the publishers who are struggling financially. What is the purpose of Google’s new program?

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