What is Google Family Link?

Google has recently launched a new feature for the plus size family on its Google+ platform – Google Family Link. Google Family Link is an internet-based parental controls application by Google, which enables parents to modify various parameters for their kids’ internet devices.

The application enables parents to block specific content, approve or disapprove apps, limit screen time, and much more. By using Google Family Link, you can easily manage your child’s internet experience more efficiently.

Google Family Link
Google Family Link

This parental controls app for the android device is simple to use. You do not have to be a computer expert to manage the settings or choose an appropriate setting. The interface is very user-friendly and children will have no problem navigating it. You will just need your child’s login information (email address or phone number) to start the application. You will also have to provide some basic information like the age of the child, his or her gender, parent’s name, and the desired setting.

Once the app is installed, all you need to do is to check if the settings are right for your family. If you are not sure what the app is all about, here are some important facts you should know about Google Family Link. You can also learn how to manage the different Family Safe settings your kids will enjoy with the use of this internet-control app.

With the Google Family Link, parents will be able to set the limits for the total number of minutes of downloaded apps. They can also choose whether they want to deny or approve apps for specific hours. This app management service also lets parents block specific apps they do not want their child to access. You can also block specific websites, applications, and search engines.

What is Google Family Link? Google launched this innovative application for android devices to help parents monitor the usage of their kids’ apps. It has a variety of useful features designed especially for android devices from a variety of developers. The Android Market has hundreds of apps available for you to download. As an example, here are a few of the most interesting apps that you can try using with this unique program:

Address Books and Widgets – If you own or use an android smartphone or tablet of any kind, then you will definitely find this feature useful. When you are looking up for a particular person or contact on the internet, you would need to provide the address and the names of the places you are interested in finding the person. However, if you have an address book for your smartphones or tablets, you will not need to type in those details each time. This application will automatically prompt you with a new entry whenever you type in the information you are searching for. For instance, when you are browsing the internet and come across a business or website that you want to know more about, simply install this application and you will immediately be provided with all the relevant information related to the company or website.

Contacts and Calendar – With the use of Google+ family link, you can synchronize your smart phone’s contacts and calendar with your tablet or smartphone of your child. You will not be able to view your own phone’s contacts or the events on your smartphone when you are on the go, as you can do with your smartphones or tablets. Whenever you have an android smartphone or tablet of any kind, you will be able to access the information you need whenever you have an internet connection. This can help you keep track of your child’s activities and you can also prevent your children from accessing inappropriate websites or applications.

Screen Time Limits – One of the most controversial factors regarding the use of applications by kids is the fact that they are constantly on the go and they do not have time to be at home to use the internet on their smartphones or tablets. You will be happy to learn that Google has introduced screen time limits to their Google+ social platform. Whenever your child is online, they will only be able to access the app for a limited amount of time, which helps you to monitor how much time they spend online. By doing this, you will be able to determine whether or not the application is really necessary for them or not.

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