What is eSIM?

What is eSIM? eSIM, as it is commonly known, is the abbreviated form of electromagnetic readable SIM card. It stands for ‘enessential’. An eSIM card is an alternative to the fully integrated SIM cards.

There are many disadvantages of using eSIM phones. For one thing, the devices do not have access to the Global Positioning System (GPS). They are also hard to upgrade or replace unlike the fully integrated SIM cards. As for the advantages, the SIM phones have a number of built in facilities and can be used with any network service provider in the world. Apart from these, eSIM cards are the best option available for travelers who are away from their home countries.

What is eSIM?
What is eSIM?

eSIM cards are a variant of the standard SIM cards. The SIM cards have been introduced for the convenience of travelers. These cards contain stored information and messages from network providers. This information is accessible by the network providers upon request. If you go abroad and enter your pin number in the online portal, the information will be sent to the network providers. If you want to check out different websites, you just need to connect your mobile phone and use the web cam to view the websites.

eSIM cards contain stored data in a chip and are different from the embedded sim cards. The data is sent through the airwaves from a remote communication satellite to a gateway device on the other end. The gateway device converts the signal into data that can be read by the computer. Through this process, the phone number and the network providers are easily identified.

A smart phone with an eSIM card and a USB micro SD card are required to get connected to the international cell phone service. Once the connection is established, the user can check out different websites and messages at any time. The eSIM card is similar to an embedded sim card. The advantage of eSIM cards is that it can be stored in a different location as compared to a regular SIM card and can be brought along while traveling.

There are many types of eSIM cards available in the market. Some of the devices have already been launched by the mobile phone manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, etc. There is another brand which is in the process of entering the market called “AFLX”. This brand also has a special feature of allowing only preloaded eSIM cards to be used. “AFLX” devices are expected to enter the crowded markets very soon.

eSIM cards are easily recognized because they look like other normal sim cards except for the fact that they contain stored data. When these cards are purchased from retailers or online sites, there will be a toll free number that the subscriber uses to call that number and then pay for the services which are availed. The subscriber identity is kept secret by these companies. The providers do not disclose the subscriber identity in the public arena.

The concept of eSIM is not new. It was introduced in the markets in some countries like UK and America. This has now reached all parts of the world and even the governments of several nations are giving license to their local telecom companies to provide this facility. These telecom companies provide this facility even if the subscriber identity is hidden.

eSIM cards are available in two formats, i.e. manual and electronic. The electronic format comes as a diskette which can be loaded in a personal computer. The manual format comes as a CD or a DVD.

The benefits of the SIM cards are many. A common person can use this card anywhere in the world and enjoy all the facilities offered by the service provider of the network operator. A business person can use this device in any part of the world and can use all the features provided by the service providers of the network operators. A student can use this device in any part of the world and can enjoy all the facilities offered by the service providers of the network operators. eSIM cards are available in the market at affordable prices and anyone can purchase them and insert them in the device of their choice.

eSIM cards are also available in the market with the latest versions. The latest versions of these devices come with advanced facilities and software. These versions of devices are compatible with all the latest versions of the operating systems of Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. These latest versions of the devices have increased the usage rate of these devices in the market. Nowadays almost every person uses these devices either for communication or for data transfers.

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