What is a Simp?

What is a Simp? Simp is an online slang word meaning somebody who acts excessively concerned and sympathetic towards another individual, at times in search of a romantic relationship. Urban Dictionary defines a simp as somebody who does way too much for another individual they like.

What is a Simp? What is a Simp, indeed! Is the word Simp used by somebody trying to get a girl to go out with them? Does the word Simp describe a man with whom you share a deep and meaningful connection – one that goes beyond the surface of intellectual conversation? Or is it just a word used by some overly emotional woman to describe her own inferiority complex and to protect her male partner?

What is a Simp?
What is a Simp?

The word Simp originates from two words: Simba and Simeon. Simba is the African name for what we call the ‘Sims’, i.e. teenagers, university students and young people of all ages. Simeon is the Hebrew name for the Virgin Mary. A Simp is typically somebody with a university education and a lot of social skills, although these are usually declining.

The most popular form of the Simp concept is ‘Simpspiration’. It describes how a Simp envisions himself or herself at some point in the future. For example, if a Simp wants to be the President of a Simp Nation, he must be able to perceive himself in that position twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Is he likely to rise to the bait? I doubt it, I believe the Simp mentality is a creature of the imagination.

To engage a Simp in social media, the best strategy is to be aware of his/her history and present, as well as how they perceive themselves and then engage with these senses. If for example, a Simp was mentioned on a popular online forum, such as Reddit, he/she will be inclined to respond, with a witty post, or Meme. The Simp may then proceed to post a number of similar (memes) on their user profile, with a link back to one of their own blogs. This is a great way to engage a Simp, as they will happily entertain your comments and perhaps even give you an insight into their lives.

Now a Simp may not be interested in interacting with someone on a forum, but a simple mention of the existence or work of a poet, or some eminent intellectual can bring a smile to their face, and a little bling to their pockets! So, why is this bad thing? Well the answer is simple; a Simp has no memory. It is Simp nation, so to speak, and no amount of text messaging, or direct messaging, or even Facebook messaging will bring that person out of Simp nation. A Simp is just a mind and nothing more. You can be a genius, but that doesn’t mean you are Simpified.

What is a Simp, is nothing more than a mind, a stream of consciousness with no memory, but what they do have is the ability to spread and duplicate, thanks to the power of viral marketing. That’s right, folks…it’s all about Impressing the Mind. Once you start Impressing the Mind, you can and will meet a whole slew of interesting people, including some that are only too glad to be acquainted with you. It’s as simple as that! And believe me once you get going you will soon be the life and soul of the party, because not only can you impress the mind, you can do it with style!

What is a Simp? Oh, yes…the dreaded word, toxoplasmosis. Please make sure you remove your Simp Eye Candy from all social media avenues, because we have a Simp for President, and we don’t want you Simp Nation to win.

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