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WebXR Device API
  • Candidate Recommendation (CR)
    • Device API
  • Working Draft (WD)
    • Augmented Reality Module
    • Layers API
    • Hand Input Module
    • Gamepads Module
  • First Public Working Draft (FPWD)
    • Lighting Estimation API
    • Hit Test Module
    • DOM Overlays Module
    • Depth Sensing Module
  • Editor's Draft (ED)
    • Anchors Module
  • Immersive Web Community Group
  • Immersive Web Working Group
  • Rik Cabanier
  • Manish Goregaokar
  • Brandon Jones
  • Nell Waliczek
Base standards
  • ECMAScript (ECMA-262)
  • Pointer Events
  • WebGL
  • Web API
  • Augumented reality
  • Virtual reality

WebXR Device API is a Web application programming interface (API)[1][2] that describes support for accessing augmented reality and virtual reality devices, such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Google Cardboard, HoloLens, Magic Leap or Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), in a web browser.[3][4] The WebXR Device API and related APIs[5] are standards defined by W3C groups, the Immersive Web Community Group[6] and Immersive Web Working Group.[7][8] While the Community Group works on the proposals in the incubation period, the Working Group defines the final web specifications to be implemented by the browsers.[9][10][11]

WebVR was an experimental Web API that was only capable of representing virtual reality and was superseded by WebXR.[12][13][14]

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